After Four Seasons, “EastSiders” Concludes & Thanks Their Loyal Fans With A Free Documentary

EastSiders has revolutionized what it means to not just make queer content, but what it is like to tell honest, unique, and diverse stories for a myriad of different kinds of people. The final season premiered on Netflix recently, and Kit Williamson recently told me that while telling the stories of Thom & Cal can be “cathartic”, he is ready to tell even more queer stories, as he has several projects currently in various stages of development (fingers crossed)! 

Now, with “seven years, four seasons, and twenty seven episodes” in the can, the show that helped redefine how LGBT storytelling is told is ending. Thankfully, Williamson was keenly aware that the moment the credits rolled on the final episode, fans would be left wanting more. With that in mind, he and the team at EastSiders are thanking fans in exactly away most of them will be thrilled with; a free bonus documentary!  

The documentary itself is a “love letter to his neighborhood”, but Williamson also dives into his own upbringing, as well as the road he took to craft EastSiders. The story behind the creation of EastSiders is weaved by the cast and creative team, with the cast sitting down with each other to reflect on how they became part of the EastSiders family,. Their stories indicate very clearly how the experience has changed their professional trajectory, but also how at the same time, it’s shaped their own careers. 

“EastSiders” is streaming now on Netflix

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