All the Tea and Shade from the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 ‘Meet the Queen’s’ Event

It’s hard to believe that only a week has gone by since the All Stars 3 finale and we are already getting hyped for another season of Drag Race, but the reality is… it’s tucking season.  Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race premieres on VH1 tonight at 8:00 PM EST, with pop superstar Christina Aguilera taking the reigns as the first judge on quite frankly the best reality show on television.


All the queens headed to New York City last night, where a ton of rain and snow wasn’t going to stop them from putting on their fiercest looks for the annual Meet the Queens event, which was held inside Viacom in the heart of Times Square.

This was the same location for the All Stars 3 gathering, where you can definitely tell the difference between both groups.  For one, the All Stars 3 group has done this before, sometimes twice (Shangela), so they know what to do, where to be, when to go, etc.  The Season 10 girls, however, are incredibly green and you can tell that this truly is the calm before the storm.  There’s a tenacity to them that is far different from the more seasoned queens on the show, which is admirable in a way because even at this point right now, they don’t know what’s going to hit them.

None of them know who the villain will be, who will be the hero, and who will be Miss Congeniality by the end of the season.  It’s something that New York queen Monet X Change is a bit concerned about prior to the show airing. "I’m concerned about seeing all the shady shit I said about these bitches in confessionals.  God knows what I said, because after Untucked I’m all liquored up, so god knows what shady shit I said about these hoes on national television.”

New York represents five of the 16 queens this season participating.  Not only that, but three of the past four queens who have won a regular season of Drag Race have been from The Big Apple (Bianca Del Rio, Bob the Drag Queen, Sasha Velour).  It’s something that has NYC native Dusty Ray Bottoms a bit on edge. “I think New York City is the best city in the world for drag, period. So just being selected and representing New York is enough to make me have a mental breakdown.  Just want to represent my city and make them so proud.” 


At the same time, fellow NYC’er Aquaria doesn’t think being from this city has anything to do with doing well in the competition. “I don’t think RuPaul’s Drag Race is based on statistics or probability, and each season is its own.  I took a math class and there was a word for it and I completely forgot it, maybe it’s the drinks in me but every season is its own trial and if a New York City is queen is meant to win this season, well god damnit let’s make it happen!”

Other queens are representing cities & states that haven’t had a lot of love in seasons past on the show.  Kameron Michaels, who hails from Nashville, is only the second queen to compete from her city outside of season 7 contestant Jaidynn Dior Fierce.  Don’t underestimate where both are from though, according to her.  “There’s amazing drag in Nashville, we have some amazing entertainers in the industry from there, so I’m very happy to represent my city.”

The same goes for Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams, who is the first queen to represent the state of New Mexico.   It’s something she wears with pride… and a bit of ego.  “It feels pretty fantastic, just because of the fact that I get to say it’s me.  I know that’s really vain, but it’s great that I get to be the one to put us on the map.  People really do underestimate New Mexico because it’s such a rural area, so I’m really excited to get our state on this show.”

Even though the show is in its tenth season, this is some of the queen’s first time trying out.  Aquaria happens to be one of them, but for a good reason.  “This was my first time auditioning because I’m 21.”  Same goes for Kalorie, but she threw some shade at another well known queen in the process. “Yes, its my first time, but don’t tell the other girls.  Sometimes they get mad, especially if you are Mayhem, and you’ve auditioned eight times…”  Yikes.


Eureka O’Hara, who was tragically eliminated early on season 9 due to an injury sustained during the cheerleading challenge, is more than ready to be back in the game this time around. When asked which season of girls she preferred, 9 or 10, she said “I would just say 10, because my path is designed, and this group of people is for a reason.  I’ve been tested and pushed in different ways this season than I even was season 9, but in season 9 I was pushed in ways that prepared me for this season.”

The girls also spilled the tea about Christina being on the premiere, where many of them explained just how excited they were to see one of their biggest pop divas.  “When I saw Christina, I was really excited!”, said Aquaria.  “One of my first memories of VH1 was behind the scenes video that they filmed for ‘Ain’t No Other Man’ and I just vividly remember watching that at my aunt’s beach house a while ago, so to have her there was a full circle moment.  It was very real.”

Eureka and Kalorie represent the big girls this season, and the latter is determined to have one of them win to represent for the plus-size queens finally.  ““I’m very mad about it,” when she talked about a big girl not winning the show as of yet.  “We need some thickums up on that podium. We need someone who shops at Lane Bryant and not Forever 21.  Someone who eats Domino’s for the fun of it, not because it’s a cheat day!”

Overall, from talking to this group of girls, it looks like it will be one hell of a season.  How good will it be? “Untouchable.  Y’all can’t take it,” exclaimed Aquaria.  Nice.

For more information on RuPaul’s Drag Race, check out their official site.

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