Almost Hookup Shaded MNEK On Twitter And The Singer Responded

British pop singer and songwriter MNEK got dissed by a potential hookup on Twitter and then blasted him on social media.

A couple of days ago, MNEK took to his Instagram account, in which he has over 85,000 followers, and posted a screenshot of a tweet about him. The tweet said, “A famous singer wants to hook up with me but isn’t cute. Do I do it just to say I did?”

MNEK responded to the tweet with the words, “take ten guesses who the lucky famous singer was????”

MNEK later posted a second picture in which he explained his perspective on the situation.

“you could argue that I should be more careful with who i hook up with because i’m somewhat of a public figure.” [sic]

He then added, “but as a single young man, I gotta get my fix somehow. Can’t fuck in fear lol pls.” [sic]

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Unfortunately, MNEK chose not to blur out the face and username of the man who first burned him. As such, his fans swarmed the account and the man has since changed his Twitter handle.

In addition, the man has tweeted that he is a “good person” who “sometimes does stupid stuff.” He has also asked MNEK’s fans to “Please take your hate elsewhere.”

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