Asia O’Hara Breaks Down What Happened During The Butterfly Ordeal

Spoiler alerts ahead in case you haven't watched the RuPaul's Drag Race finale or know the outcome just yet. So click on something else if you don't want to know what happened. Maybe take a look at our Hottie of the Week Tony Vega! 

The Season 10 finale of RuPaul's Drag Race aired on VH1 last night, where New York City queen Aquaria won the title of America's Next Drag Superstar and bested her other three competitors in the process (Eureka, Kameron Michaels, Asia O'Hara).

It was the second season in a row where it became a lip sync for the crown sort of ordeal as opposed to RuPaul simply announcing the winner at the end of the finale. Ru spun a wheel to see who would be the one to choose their opponent in the first round of the lip sync battle, where the other two would compete against one another by default.

The wheel landed on Kameron, who chose to compete against Asia. Two of Janet Jackson's songs were ones the queens had to lip sync to, where Kameron and Asia got her 1986 classic hit "Nasty" in the process (Eureka and Aquaria got "If" and both stayed in a surprise twist). 

This is where things went really, really wrong for Asia who was considered to be a major front runner since the beginning of the season. She had a couple of tricks within her outfit as opposed to doing a simple reveal that sort of mimicked what Sasha Velour did in season 9 with her rose petals.

She had live butterflies that were supposed to fly out from some of the garments she was wearing, but alas, none of them really did and many just fell to the ground (from the looks of it, they were alive). It got many people in the audience confused, notably her fellow S10 queen Monique Heart who had quite the hilarious reaction (as usual).

In the end, Kameron bested Asia who couldn't really recover from the butterfly malfunction and Asia was eliminated from the competition. 

She took to her Instagram to explain what went down after the finale aired, and what she plans on doing for animal rights in the future as there was some backlash regarding how the butterflies were potentially treated.


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"I just want to let everyone know how sad and heartbroken I am by the way my lip sync performance during the finale of RuPaul's Drag Race turned out. Despite months of research and rehearsing with a professional company, what I hoped would be an amazing and safe display of optimism, and a surprise for everyone including production and the network, it did not go as planned. I would like to publicly offer the entire world my deepest apology. It's important that everyone knows that I would never purposefully hurt any living being and have the utmost respect for all animals."

"If you are unhappy with me, I understand. I have been unhappy with myself since that night but I'm going to do my best to make it right. Over the next year, my friends and I will be donating over 100 volunteer hours to the ASPCA, an organization that has dedicated to the fair treatment of animals since 1866.  I can't apologize enough for what happened. I want my fans and the world to know that I'll continue to be humble, own my mistakes, and lead with love and light."

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