Boys And Their Balls, Out Veterans + More

(image via Instagram)

Sharing some of our favorite Instagrams from the week starting with Lucho, who brought the rainbow to Buenos Aires Pride:

Thara served up that “sun kissed” flavor:

GayUncleMario dropped his latest batch of gay memes (make sure to swipe):

Sam Cushing celebrated his 1,000th post with his 700K+ followers:

It’s an age-old problem: when the security guard gets in the way:

9-1-1: Lonestar actor Brian Michael Smith made PEOPLE’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ issue for the second year:

Bremen Menelli’s skill with balls definitely impressed:

Surfbearla popped the pink on a dog daddy beach day:

Shomari Francis was in a “do anything” kind of mood:

Disability advocate Carson Tueller did a photoshoot with Mike Ruiz:

There are times that sportsball can be sooooo entertaining:

Cole Forsgren was “chill’n” at home:

Tony C. has a big pole and he’s not afraid to use it:

Pierre Crespeau lets his hair down on Sundays:

JJ Cadwell channeled his inner Whitney:

Okkar Min Maung said good night:

And Bruno Baba walked it out:

As we observed Veterans Day this past Friday, we thank these out and proud veterans for their service…

Max Emerson kissed his boo, former Army Captain AndrΓ©s Camilo:

Former Army Captain Roberto Portales remembered his West Point graduation:

National Guardsman Ivan in Alaska toasted his fellow veterans:

Air Force veteran (and former Instinct ‘Hottie’) Kevin Davis gave a shout out to veteran brothers and sisters:

And Secretary of Transportation (and former Navy Lieutenant) Pete Buttigieg encouraged folks to “never stop serving others.”

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