Oh Baby, Baby! Thousands Want Statues Of Britney Spears To Replace Confederate Ones

Credit: IMDb

This is something we can get behind.

Over 13,000 people as of Saturday morning, June 13, have signed a petition on Change.org that is asking Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards to replace Confederate statues with busts of the one and only Britney Spears. Oh baby, baby.


The petition, started by Kassie Thibodeaux, spoke about Britney’s humble beginnings in the town of Kentwood, Louisiana, before diving into a lot of the charitable work she has done over her 20+ year career.

They also brought up the “strength” of her character in relation to “overcoming (a) highly publicized mental breakdown” and “continuously working towards improving herself.” For Kassie and the thousands of others who have signed the petition, this is how they truly feel about the pop icon. “She’s an inspiration to millions.”

It also calls on the state’s Governor, Sen. Bill Cassidy, Rep. Cedric Richmond and the Louisiana State Senate and House to “do the right thing: Replace Confederate statues with an actual Louisiana hero and influential human being, Britney Spears.” 

There’s about three dozen Confederate statues in the state of Louisiana alone. Britney is far from the only famous person from the southern state if other petitions arise for these monuments to sort of become a Hollywood Walk of Fame type thing should they actually be taken down.


Other celebs worth considering in this manner include Madam C.J. Walker, Ellen DeGeneres, Louie Armstrong and Reese Witherspoon. Just some suggestions! 

The petition was started in the wake of several other historical statues being toppled after George Floyd‘s death. NASCAR has even banned the confederate flag from its events, a decision that has left some of its fans enraged. 

Times. A. Changing.

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