Cher’s Strips Down ABBA’s ‘One of Us’ And It’s One To Hear

Sometimes we are just out of our minds when it comes to our singing icons. As soon as Cher announced her farewell tour version 22 (actually it's being called Cher 2019 Here We Go Again and here are the dates) I received multiple texts to see if I would have room for company when she performs in Fort Lauderdale next year.  Some of my friends are not as dedicated as others out there, but they've had their moments, like when they flew to London to see Cher, even after they saw the same concert four times prior in the United States. Yeah, we'll call it dedication. Love yah Ryan and Pookie.

By looking at some of our recent posts, we even have some staff members that seem to be Cher fans.

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Whe I first heard that Cher was doing ABBA songs and then going on tour, I was like "NO."  But her fresh takes on the Scandanavian hits are growing on me.  Now she has released her go at "One of Us." Listen to them in whichever order you want, but I'll throw Cher's version in first.  

When I listened to her version, I kept telling myself, I know the original, but I just cannot place it.  The early '80s drum beat to signify sand retrospective feelings was missing which allowed Cher's version to slow right down and let you feel a little more.  Also missing was someone else's voice.  No one was harmonizing which allowed the "One of Us" to be one person sharing their pain as opposed to a group trying to share one person's thoughts.

Thanks Cher.  You're making me become more of a Cher with each new release.  While I'm waiting for something new and original, I'll digest the ABBA retakes. The new album drops on Sept. 28 with seven other unreleased songs. 

Cher's version of "One of Us."



The Original ABBA – "One of Us"



And if you need a bigger Cher fix, here is her entire Farewell Tour from 2014




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