Donald Glover In Nothing But Short-Shorts?!

Donald Glover in FX’s Atlanta. / Image via FX

Donald Glover jogging shirtless throughout New York City? Yes, please!

Yesterday, the Atlanta star created buzz online for simply running outside. But when you’re Donald Glover and shirtless in public, we can understand people having things to say about it. And hey, we’re doing it too!


The actor and musician was seen running through Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood this weekend. Dressed for the weather, it reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit in New York, Glover wore a hat, shorts, and shoes. More specifically, a mustard yellow colored brimmer hat, Black sunglasses, a number of necklaces, mustard yellow short-shorts from Brooks, and a pair of Endorphin Speed 2, according to Highsnobiety.

And, again, people could not help talking about him in the look.




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But what’s Donald Glover doing in New York City? Recently, Donald has been busy filming Prime Video’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith series in NYC. Glover will be leading the reboot series while Phoebe Waller-Bridge was originally set to star opposite him. Unfortunately, Waller-Bridge dropped out of the show due to creative differences. Instead, PEN15 co-creator/star Maya Erskine will play the role.

On top of this, the fourth and final season of Glover’s hit FX series Atlanta will begin airing in September. As for his music, Glover, who performs under the stage name Childish Gambino, shared that he’s not releasing anything soon. On that front, he’s having difficulty making time to create art. Glover shared as much while speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in March.


“It used to just flow, but now I have kids – so nothing flows any more!” he shared. “Nothing’s as easy as it used to be. So I do block off time now, because I want to be here for [my children] at this time.”

He added, “I have this kind of farm, I call it, an art farm. When I go there, then I get to be as ADD as I want.”

Source: Highsnobiety,

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