#DragRaceDrama – The End Of Diva Antics?! Valentina Publicly Apologizes On Stage!

RuPaul’s Drag Race Contestant Valentina Apologizes For Diva Antics

Fellow readers, I know you’ve been keeping up with the story! Instinct Magazine broke the news first of Drag Race Contestants diva antics through Aurora Sexton’s thorough Facebook post. Then, Bianca Del Rio took shots at Valentina in a hilarious monologue. Finally, Sexton posted acceptance for an apology from Valentina. I know, this is a lot. There’s bound to be drama in the gay community- Lord knows we all like a little bit of attention!

Valentina took advantage of her latest gig to set the record straight. In a video posted to Facebook, she apologizes for her antics and takes aim at Donald Trump’s Transgender Military ban. In the video she states:

“I really want to apologize for everything that’s happened. Starting with Play Nashville. I would like to thank Aurora (Sexton) for taking my phone call. It’s been very dark for me and I’ve been trying to focus on seeing the light and appreciate my blessings. I get to stand on this stage, wear costumes on love, with an audience that adores me. It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of and I have it. Today, I want to send love to my brothers and sisters of the Trans Community and support them through the bullshit that comes from stupid ass, Donald Trump’s mouth. He doesn’t realize the beauty and power of [the Trans Community]. Trans rights are human rights. I don’t want to make this anymore somber or sad, because we’re here to have a good night, right?”

I am extremely thrilled to have an end to this story. Valentina didn’t owe anyone an apology, yet here she is. It’s safe to say this Queen’s antics will actively not be seen again. It appears like a lesson learned to me. I believe in moving forward as second chances should always be given! I’m on your team, Valentina!

However, never shy to controversy, Drag Race contestant, Sharon Needles, decided to parody Sexton’s rant combined with her Valentina-inspired look. Needles is consistently knee-slapping funny and makes the best of any situation. Seriously, I’m still laughing – and so is Valentina.

Editor’s Note:  Sexton has stated that Valentina was not the Queen requesting red M&Ms and champagne, but this is still hilarious.

What do you think of Valentina’s apology?! Are you ready to let this go!? Can we?!

Check out the full video of Valentina’s public apology below!

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