Exclusive -The “Queen Of The Universe” Judges Promise An Amazing Show

The announcement earlier this year of the brand new Paramount+ series Queen of the Universe was itself, a natural fit. After seeing a multitude of RuPaul’s Drag Race performers go onto massive musical success, why not scour the entire globe for even more of those rare musical gems and help make their dreams come true? That is exactly what the dream team behind World Of Wonder has done, and the roster of dazzling (and some familiar) queens that are poised to compete for the title of ‘Queen of the Universe’ is absolutely (and appropriately) out of this world. 


Hailing everywhere from Sydney, Australia (Gingzilla) to Paris, France (Leona Winter), the contestants included on Queen of the Universe truly represent a vast landscape across the globe. Familiar faces like former RuPaul’s Drag Race superstar Jujubee (Boston, MA) and La Voix (London, England) are also part of the cast, which will definitely have us rooting for various contestants throughout the competition. (The full contestant list can be found here). 

During my chat with three of the dynamic superstars that will be judging the contestants on Queen of the Universe, they each were immediately at ease (Leona Lewis rounds out the judges panel, while Graham Norton serves as host). The admiration that Michelle Visage, Vanessa Williams, and Trixie Mattel had for each other and a shared passion for their new show was both evident. Michelle Visage spoke about her love for life performance and showcasing talents that may not be seen otherwise, while Trixie Mattel weighed in on how her win as a winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 gives her a unique perspective on what the winner will be able to expect after they win the first Queen of the Universe crown.



Vanessa Williams, who herself has become a part of the Drag Race family (especially after her win during RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race) gave a sneak peek at some of the performances we can expect to see on Queen of the Universe, simply saying “pyrotechnics, glitter, dancing, and costumes, and production values to the hilt”. She mentioned we will be hearing both classic pop tunes that we know and love along with new music from the performers, and promised that we will be “blown away, episode after episode”.

‘Queen of the Universe’ premieres this Thursday on Paramount + 

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