Facebook Is Making It Easier To Match With Your Crush

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The New App Secret Crush Will Shortly Reveal Your Next Secret Admirer!

By now it’s likely you’ve had your fair share of experience with Dating apps. Hell, some of us have even gotten lucky with Ride Share apps! Yet again, sometimes the endless swiping or messaging in our virtual bathhouses grows tiring. Don’t you wish that you could finally tell that hometown hottie you’ve always had a crush on him? Would that satisfy that hole in our hearts? Never had the guts to do it? Well, now you might get that opportunity!

According to Buzzfeed, Facebook is launching a new dating app, Secret Crush. The app will allow you to choose nine of your Facebook friends you have a crush on. If any other those nine select you, it’s a match made in heaven. However, if they don’t there isn’t a need to worry. No one will know you’ve selected them unless you both match. So, technically, if you’ve been wet dreaming about another guy’s boyfriend or that guy who you just totally know is deeply closeted, this is the dating app you’re going to want to use.

The Secret Crush app is not in the United States now, but it’s obviously on it’s on since it has hit in Canada. In a world where most of us have online dated, I think this will be a hit. I’d feel much more comfortable meeting someone I have previously met (most of my Facebook friends) than a random stranger off the internet. I mean, it’s a little more comforting, right?

Will you be downloading Secret Crush?

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