‘Fine’ Bends Gender Beautifully. ALONE’s Newest Comes With A Warning

If ALONE’s video for his single “Everything” earlier this year was a “celebration of everything that makes everyone what they are”; no matter what “that” is”, the video for his brand new sparkling single “Fine” takes the ideals of what makes a man “fine” today and turns them squarely on their ear. ALONE served as director for the production as well, and in addition to taking the helm on everything from Directing to Executive Producing the video, ALONE worked with Bridges4Life founder Tahtianna Fermin (who both choreographed the video and has a cameo) as well as Iman Le Caire (founder of Trans Alysias) who is also featured in the video. ALONE’s inspiration on the production were simple; ALONE says “There are many expressions of masculinity and they all can be hot”.


In the video for “Fine”, ALONE harkens back to the days of Mr. Black and The Lure (or any current and wonderfully seedy backroom), and borrows heavily from films like Cruising and Tom of Finland.

***This is where we would normally embed the video here, but YouTube has a “This video may be inappropriate for some users” warning so you have to approve to watch. You can see the full video here.

Showcased with a glistening black cap (and scorching scarlet lips), ALONE’s smooth lead vocals are accompanied by perfectly matched background vocals. Some barely-there backroom moments are quickly shown, with plenty of cameos from New York City notables showcased in the production. ALONE recruited people like famed names from the New York City ballroom scene like Danny Gucci and Jayceon Dido (direct from The Gorgeous House of Gucci). “Fine” also showcases Lautaro Burgos (aka “El Primo”) who tours with Grammy-winning artist Lila Downs, and can be seen on drums as well as Marcos Antonio (Company XIV) giving his own best ballet and pole-dancing skills.


ALONE’s larger purpose for “Fine” is to show the queer and trans youth alike that they have support and resources, that there are people out there just like them who are being unapologetically themselves and are thriving in their truth.

“We are experiencing a huge pushback aimed at limiting Queer and Trans rights,” ALONE said. “We as LGBTQ folks need to be visible to make it very clear that we are not going back to the darker days when our ancestors were treated as second-class citizens and had to hide who they were. It is essential that we answer their attacks with a strong dose of ‘don’t fuck with us.’”

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