‘First Wedding Dance’ Goes Viral

At their wedding in upstate New York this month, Noah and PJ decided their ‘first dance’ was going to be something special.

And thanks to the mashup of dance music most of us know too well and a wide-ranging choreography covering just about every dance style, it looks like they accomplished their goal.

It all begins oh-so-innocently with the boys slow-dancing to the romantic “It’s a Quiet Thing.”

But then, the music cuts out.

Cue the Miami Sound Machine's “Conga,” and the boys are off!

Soon they segue into some “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now),” before slipping in some “Vogue” by Madonna.

You can’t have a wedding dance without classic disco so next up is KC and the Sunshine Band’s “Get Down Tonight,” followed by some tap dancing “Puttin on the Ritz” via Young Frankenstein.

But you need a big finish, and the boys bring it with “The Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing complete with high-flying lifts.

And the crowd goes wild!

In posting the video, PJ and Noah share, “We seriously did have ‘the time of our lives.’ An incredible night surrounded by incredible people!”

We can all use some uplifting moments these days, and this certainly fill the bill.

Check out Noah and PJ’s ‘first dance’ below.

And congratulations, boys!



(h/t Pink News)

11 thoughts on “‘First Wedding Dance’ Goes Viral”

  1. With all the preparation and

    With all the preparation and planning that comes BEFORE a wedding, learning a complicated, crowd-pleasing dance routine would be the LAST thing on my mind. Lord knows I couldn't do it but that was great. Congrats, guys, and may you continue to dance throughout your lives together.

  2. You guys are fantastic.  Are

    You guys are fantastic.  Are ya'll professional dancers?  So happy for you both and a beautiful wedding dance.  Love your smiles and hope you always take time to dance.  Congratulations !

  3. Congrats that was amazing.

    Congrats that was amazing. Brought tears to our eyes, made us remember our wedding but we could never dance like you two.  Thank you for sharing. 

  4. Thanks for making me happy

    Thanks for making me happy this morning and bringing tears of happiness to my eyes!

    May the love and happiness you both have last forever!


  5. One of the few things I’ve

    One of the few things I've seen in the last few weeks that made me HAPPY and made me smile REAL BIG!  Thanks for sharing that with me.  I wish you a long, happy, fun, healthy life, TOGETHER.  PS: You two look great together.  ENJOY!!!  

    Rick  heart

  6. This video brought a tear to

    This video brought a tear to my eye.  They looked so happy as they did "Have the time of their lives" sharing this moment with family and friends. 

    Best Wishes to PJ and Noah as they truly embark on "The Time of Their Lives!"

  7. Mashup of totally gay dance

    Mashup of totally gay dance music?? I didn't know that there was gay dance music and straight dance music… What kind of journalist/editor/writer are you? Human or human? 

  8. This was nice. I agree. They

    This was nice. I agree. They looked like they were just enjoying each other in the moment and having a blast.

  9. This video brought a smile to

    This video brought a smile to my face. not only because they dance well but also because of their obvious joy. Thanks for posting it.


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