Fortune Feimster Reveals She Left a Shirtless Jason Momoa Stranded: Watch

Credit: Jason Momoa Instagram

Its not an every day thing when you spot Jason Momoa shirtless and sweaty on the side of a road. This was a reality for comedian Fortune Feimster who shared her hilarious story about the Aquaman star during her recent appearance on Kelly Clarkson‘s talk show.


Jason’s situation took place in September when he and his friend’s van broke down during a trip through the desert. The Mindy Project actress happened to be one of the people that drove by them where she gave the hilarious play-by-play details on what she saw.

She spotted “these two big vans on the side of the interstate, broken down. Middle of nowhere, there’s only like a prison and that’s it.” Then Fortune said that one of the men she saw was a “super buff dude” with a man bun, shirtless and had on “crazy black and white striped pants.”

“Did some hot guy escape from prison?” she questioned after witnessing such sexiness. Fortune kept driving with her partner & now wife Jacquelyn Smith as the wheels started to turn in her head over who the gorgeous guy could be.

“Man-bun, shirtless, ripped, crazy pants… I think that was Jason Momoa,” she shared. Fortune then checked his Instagram stories which proved that who she passed by was one of the sexiest men on the planet.


The former Chelsea Lately mainstay posted a quick synopsis about the experience on her IG which had a lot of funny feedback from her fans. “Every straight woman alive was like [shouting], ‘Why didn’t you stop?!’  But, like, what am I gonna do for Jason Momoa? Like, spit in his gas tank and make his van start? I can’t help him out.”

Jason nearly broke the internet over the summer when he fulfilled many fantasies by posting photos of him getting hosed down (again shirtless) by a very lucky guy. Somebody find this guy a tee to wear… or not. 

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