France Is Making Its Own “Queer As Folk”

The iconic tv series Queer As Folk is returning in two different iterations. / Image via Channel 4

Not only are we getting a Queer As Folk reboot in the UK, but we’re getting a French one too?!

Queer as Folk was an iconic tv series, created by tv legend Russel T. Davies and produced by Nicola Shindler, that originally ran in the UK for eight episodes in 1999 and then a two-episode follow-up in 2000. Despite its short run, the show was insanely popular and even warranted an American spinoff filmed in Canada.


Late last year, it was announced that a Queer As Folk reboot was on the way. That iteration will be British and focus on a new cast and characters in a totally new setting. That said, the show will be a modern take on the classic show from 1999-2000.

But, it looks like that series will not be alone as the Queer As Folk brand is expanding to France. French production company Aux Singuliers has acquired the rights to make a French spin on the series. This French adaption will also be a modern exploration of queer life but this time in France.

As Joris Charpentier, a former exec at Studiocanal and owner of Aux Singuliers, said to Deadline:


“It will not be a strict adaptation of the characters and intrigues of the Channel 4 series. However, the story will take place within the world of Queer As Folk, and will inherit the show’s deeply relevant tone, continuing and honoring Russell T Davies’ powerful and uniquely human style. As for the pitch, the only thing I can tell you is that there will be heroes, heroines and true diversity.”

Shindler and Davies gave their support for the project by saying, “We fully trust the creative team to create a magnificent series that will reflect the spirit of our show adapted in and to modern France. We can’t wait to see it.”

Despite this announcement, the tv series is not a sure thing. Aux Singuliers has hired two writers to start scripting the project but the production company does not have a network attached to the show. They plan to pitch the series to networks in the fall.

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