Gay New Yorker Calls Police On “N-Word” Lyft Driver Who’s “Racist Against Gay People”

A gay New Yorker is going viral for all the wrong reasons.

A YouTube video and GoFundMe campaign have popped up in support of the driver that this gay man says was threatening him.

Before we show you the video, we’ll fill you in on what happened before the video (from what we can gather).

Apparently, this gay man, named Robert Ortiz, got into Lyft with two friends after leaving a gay club. At some point during the drive, the three men asked the driver, named Shan Pepas Lettman, to play music. Lettman declined and an argument followed, which resulted in Lettman stopping the car. At this point, Ortiz picked up his own phone to call the police and Lettman started recording the men as they became more belligerent.

If the video below is too long for you or in case you miss some things, here are a few important lines from Ortiz in the recording.

“I came out of a gay club and your driver is racist against gay people.”

“I called the police to protect myself because I know my legal rights as an American citizen that voted for Trump.

"[Talking to a Lyft representative] I’m not gonna stop talking you piece of sh*t. You're gonna tell me to stop talking? F*** you. I'm gonna wait for the police. [hangs up]"

“I’m gonna make his night a living hell.”

“[After video calling a friend] Yo, Boo, tell me why I’m in a Lyft and the n***a f**king pulled over…The n***a’s recording me without my consent, because I asked for music…"



While posting the video, Pepas simultaneously created a GoFundMe to see if anyone would help his financial troubles.

As Pepas said on the page:

“The video pretty much speaks for itself [as to what happened] but what the video doesn’t show is what happened next. After the end of the video, i had to also call the police for myself expressing my concerns and fear of what will happen if i was not assisted. Luckily there was no physical confrontation but the company i drive with felt it necessary to cancel my account pending investigation.  Unfortunately expenses weren’t suspended and I am left to dig myself out of an awfully stressful predicament. I didn’t ask for this nor did i want this. I know America is better than this and despite the hate we have to deal with from a few, my heart tells me, the world is mostly good. I ask for help, So i can get  myself off the ground and back to providing for my family again. Any and every help offered will be greatly appreciated even the prayers for my family and myself.”

He then later added:

“My name is Shawn Pepas Lettman, I reside in Brooklyn and happy to say still a Lyft driver. I just wanted everyone to know that I really appreciate all your kind words and I really thank each and everyone for their donations. All donations received will assist me in catching up on expenses such as rent and car payments. Also I have heard some rumors about a lawsuit coming my way from the use of the video captured on my phone and I want to be fully prepared if that does happens.”

After the video went viral on YouTube and Reddit, both Lettman and Ortiz were affected by the footage.

Ortiz was reportedly fired from his job at City MD. In addition, he recited his phone number while on camera, a mistake he’d later regret. Apparently, many people who saw the video then called Ortiz and left messages on his voicemail. This got so bad that he later changed his number.

As for Lettman, he received kind words, praise, and donations from the people of the internet. His GoFundMe page has been nearly funded and Lettman left the following update message.

“I really appreciate the out pour of love and support i sincerely appreciate it. My account has been reinstated and i am able to work again. I just wanted to share that bit with everyone.. Thank you!”

44 thoughts on “Gay New Yorker Calls Police On “N-Word” Lyft Driver Who’s “Racist Against Gay People””

  1. Most of the comments on this

    Most of the comments on this thread remind me why our country is in such trouble. Insults, trash talk, racist crap, homophobic crap, just general nastiness. Add on top of that this ignorant guy treating this driver so horribly. 

  2. I think it was all a big hoax

    I think it was all a big hoax and now all parties involved are splinting the money all the fools donated.I mean really all of this over a insult and people on gofundme gave that much.My son had a house fire lost everything with no ins has 5 kids.His wifes cuz started a gofundme acct received 5 to 6000.A friend of mine that i know out in Texas has a brain tumor started a gofundme acct received a couple hundred.Aman like this gets insulted and gets over 44000.This really show you where peoples moral values are at.It really druggist me.Thats my opinion on the whole situation.       

  3. Hmm… Well first: Gay isn’t

    Hmm… Well first: Gay isn’t a race. It’s a sexual orientation. Why would a prejudiced man take a job that leaves the variables of whether he’ll run into his “least favorite flavor” outside of his control to such a degree as being a cab driver, and then exhibit such patience and social fatigue when provoked? Mr. Ortiz must have been very drunk and sporting an ax in serious need of grinding. How foolish to be so quarrelsome. The tongue has the power of life and death, they say, and those who love it will eat if it’s fruit.

  4. What is up with people today

    What is up with people today that they mispronounce ASK and ASKED, and say AKS and AKSED instead??


  5. These men are so ignorant and

    These men are so ignorant and full of self hatred that it's ALMOST heart breaking.  How miserable they must be to take such an insignificant incident and turn it into something so loathsome, vile and disgusting.  I'm appalled to think that they actually roam the streets, spreading misery to anyone that happens to come in contact. Avoid these creatures at all cost.  


  6. As a straight black (Domincan

    As a straight black (Domincan), Harlem repping ally, watching this enfuriated me. Guy literally didn't want his music playing who cares. "Can i play my music? no? Ok no prob" Get over yourself dude.  I also don't think he was an actualy Trump supporter. I think he was trying to start shit. And to the guy calling Ortiz a "faggot walking disease" Fuck off.

  7. I dont know why people are so

    I dont know why people are so fixated on this guy being gay. The bottom line is he was a racist and if he really did get fired from CityMD urgent care center, all the better. Him being a Trump supporter does fill in some missing pieces of this despicable man's story.

  8. And he is NOT the uonly one

    And he is NOT the uonly one Blacks Pepole are ALL ways have been doing this to US Openly gay man.

    • I can’t decide if you’re 12,

      I can’t decide if you’re 12, a brilliant troll, or just a complete idiot.  I mean just gonna hope language just doesn’t come naturally to you, and thank you for trying to communicate anyway.

  9. Jesus, what a hateful,

    Jesus, what a hateful, ignorant & trashy gay.  Somebody should have handed his mother a coat hanger when she was pregnant.  

  10. This is the problem with

    This is the problem with ignorance and supporters of the orange monster ! Worst thing , this creature is gay , does not know how to pronounce « ask » and wants to give lessons.

    was he off his head? Shame! Make him clean some Lyft cars as a community service ! 

  11. Hope the driver sues Lyft and

    Hope the driver sues Lyft and that little faggot walking disease for lost wages and mental anguish from lose of income.

  12. The driver showed significant

    The driver showed significant restraint.  I am for the driver we all have the right to chose our transportation.

  13. Stupid Latino racist pos 45

    Stupid Latino racist pos 45 supporter used racial slurs toward the lift driver along with his pos frienfs poor Lyft guy he showed so much patience glad that skinny pos 45 supporter was fired from his job I doubt and hope pos 45 supporter doesn’t get a penny from Lyft the Lyft driver should sue pos 45 supporter and his friends for discrimination 


  14. The one time I was gaybashed

    The one time I was gaybashed on the subway it was by a gang of black thugs. And I'm a lowkey quiet gay guy! One day these loudmouths in the video might wind up saying the wrong stuff to the wrong people. 

      • My point is that the racist

        My point is that the racist Latino gay might aggravate the wrong blacks who won't just sit there.  And….I was on the A train hrough Brooklynwhen I was bashed. Where did you get raped by three white men in suits ?

  15. This is the kind of gay

    This is the kind of gay person that gives LGBTQ a bad name. Maybe Ortiz should apply for a job at Lyft… HA!

    • As a gay woman the behavior

      As a gay woman the behavior of these thugs is an embarrassment to the gay community!!! Of course,  what more would you expect from any person supporting Trump!!



    • Why does some loud mouth

      Why does some loud mouth beligerant racist trump supporting gay man give all Gay Men, Women, Transgendered and Queer people a bad name. Does Bill Cosby give all Black men a bad name, does Brett Kavanaugh give all Yale Frat Boys a bad name. Don't answer that. 

  16. DRAMA QUEEN,  Nothing to do

    DRAMA QUEEN,  Nothing to do with being gay or black or whatever this guy claims to be.

    The driver may be a bigot against gays, and acting rude toward you, IF SO just report it to LYFT, and let them take action.  DRAMA DOES NOT LOOK GOOD ON YOU!!!

  17. Damn-that silly scrawny

    Damn-that silly scrawny bitchy queen think he white!! sorry, puto, you lose-now you fired and are a laughingstock who cant drive. Bitch-go back to Staten Island!

    • I hope this doesn’t make you

      I hope this doesn’t make you hate yourself for being gay just because these two idiots did something stupid doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hate yourself for being gay everybody can’t be racist gay or straight

      • Thank you Nathaniel.   That

        Thank you Nathaniel.   That is exactly what I thought when I heard that!  I thought the driver handled himself very well.  As for me I never put on music when I drive in the city, too distracting.


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