Gus Kenworthy and ‘Big Brother’ Alum Kenny Brain Post Their Thirstiest Pics Yet

Credit: Kenny Brain Instagram

If hairy, handsome and hot is your thing, then decorated Olympian Gus Kenworthy and Big Brother Canada alum Kenny Brain are your men. Oh, and they both play for our team. SCORE!

For those unfamiliar with Kenny, 31, he appeared on the second season of Big Brother Canada five years ago and played a pretty solid game before getting evicted early on. He also remains one of the sexiest, if not sexiest men to ever compete on the long running reality competition program. That goes for both his home country of Canada and The United States.

Kenny has posted several photos of him serving Brawny Paper Towel man realness on his Instagram for years now. He decided to get cheeky with his most recent snap that found him in the woods wearing absolutely nothing and hanging with his dog (see NSFW pic here).

Gus, 27, wore clothes in his most recent IG snap but still showed off his desirable assets in the most wonderful of ways.

The smoking hot post had a purpose as Gus is looking to raise money for the AIDS/LifeCycle, which takes place June 2nd through the 8th in California. “Singlet, taken and looking for donations,” he captioned the snap.

I mean, the bike is nice and all, but so is the man that is riding it. “’I’m down with the thiccness,” social media star Tyler Oakley wrote. So are we, Tyler. So are we.


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  1. There’s hot hairy chested guys, and there’s the “Italian guy mowing the lawn with his shirt off” hairy. There’s a fine line.


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