Hulu Drops the Scandalous Trailer of Giancarlo Granda’s ‘God Forbid’

Hulu recently dropped the official trailer of ‘God Forbid: The Sex Scandal That Brought Down a Dynasty,’ which is a documentary about the sex scandal involving Jerry Falwell Jr., his wife Becki, and former Miami pool attendant Giancarlo Granda.

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The said sex scandal resulted to the resignation of Falwell Jr. as the president of Liberty University. In the trailer, Granda revealed that the former university president allegedly —


“liked to record his wife having sex with me.”

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Prior to his shocking claim, he admitted,

“As a pool attendant, I would get hit on. But if I would have known that accepting this woman’s invitation to go back to her hotel room would have led to a scandal involving the president of the largest Christian university in the world, and the president of the United States, I would have walked away and just enjoyed my private life.”


“I know the truth about them, and the whole world is going to find out,” Granda concluded.

In 2012, the Falwells visited the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami, and that was where they met then 20-year-old Granda who started a sexual relationship with Becki. PEOPLE reached out to Becki for her comment regarding Granda’s claims in the documentary, and to that she stated,

“This is not correct.”

Thereafter, she referenced her statement in a January 2022 interview with Vanity Fair, wherein she admitted to making sex tapes with Granda.


“I had a big Canon camera. A couple of times I put it on the dresser and Giancarlo agreed to it,” Becki previously revealed.

‘God Forbid: The Sex Scandal That Brought Down a Dynasty’ is scheduled to premiere on Hulu on November 1. In the meantime, here’s the trailer to keep you anticipating for the scandal-filled documentary.


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