‘If You Want The Most Dramatic Season Ever – Do An LGBT Version’

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Former boy band superstar and television personality Lance Bass just finished a guest host stint on Bachelor in Paradise. Bass – a superfan of The Bachelor franchise – is ready for the series to go a step further. Bass is stepping up and volunteering to host the first season featuring all LGBT contestants. Speaking to Variety,  

“I think maybe it’s the time for ‘The Bachelor’ to do a gay Bachelor. I think that would be so much fun,” Bass says. “And I definitely know a host if you need it.”


Bass was quick to add to this statement that there have been no talks yet with anyone at ABC about developing this show, 

“I have not talked to anyone about that, but I would be so down.”

Bass praised The Bachelor franchise for their inclusivity specifically mentioning the ‘senior version’ that is currently in the casting phase,

I love the fact that they’re really branching out. They’re doing the seniors next, which I think is such a great idea. I like that they’re trying different things and I think the next step, the obvious step, would to be an LGBT version. I would love to see a show where you had lesbian, gay, trans, bi. To me, bisexual is just such an interesting thing to watch because everyone is an option.”


In addition to the ‘senior version’ Bachelor nation has also already made history with a same-sex couple. According to Variety,

“in 2019, “Bachelor in Paradise” was applauded for following contestant Demi Burnett as she came out as sexually fluid and ended Season 6 proposing to her then-girlfriend, Kristian Haggerty. The pair made history as Bachelor Nation’s first same-sex couple, and the franchise was nominated for a GLAAD award. (Burnett and Haggerty eventually split in late 2019, and Burnett is back on “Paradise” this season.)”

As Demi Burnett ‘opened the door’ to same-sex relationships on The Bachelor Bass thinks the show is the perfect vehicle to explore more LGBT coupling, “Demi obviously had the first LGBT storyline on ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ so that seems like a place that is a great venue for all love stories.”  

Bass is no stranger to hosting a gay reality dating show. In 2016 he hosted Finding Prince Charming on Logo. Much like The Bachelor, thirteen men lived in a house vying for the affection of ‘the suitor’, Robert Sepúlveda, Jr. At the end of each episode instead of a rose ceremony there was a black-tie ceremony. The show did attract a tiny bit of drama and scandal when stories arose that Sepúlveda had previously worked in prostitution and escort work

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Bass still wonders why the show was canceled after one season,

“I don’t know why they didn’t do a second season of that.”

Even before that Bravo tried their hand at a gay dating show with Boy Meets Boy. The 2003 show was controversial because the suitor, James Getzlaff, did not know that some of the contestants were heterosexual. If Getzlaff picked one of the heterosexual contestants in the finale, he would win nothing and that contestant would win $25,000. Minus the twist, it would have been a great show! 

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Bass is proud to be part of Bachelor Nation and the fact that he is a gay man hosting a dating show on a major network is not lost on him. He told Variety “he hopes people watching at home can relate to his story.” He and his husband Michael Turchin wed in 2014 and are now expecting twins via surrogacy.

Finally, we know every season of the Bachelor is the most dramatic EVER! But if you want drama bring on the gays Bass says, 

“If you want the most dramatic season ever – do an LGBT version!’


What do you think Instincters? Would you watch a season of The Bachelor with an all LGBT cast? Is anyone getting their application ready? Sound off in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “‘If You Want The Most Dramatic Season Ever – Do An LGBT Version’”

  1. I would feel bad for Lance trying to remain relevant. At least Joey Fatone has seemed to become comfortable and embraced being reduced to Game Shot Network host. Bass has a production company, he should shut up and invest in himself and pitch this as a streaming/YT thing without trying to do it on the cheap and coat-ride on ABC. Bachelor is a dying franchise in any event.

  2. I would like to see an all gay version of this too, tho Lance did host a gay version similar called “Finding Prince Charming” a while back.


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