“I’m As Fruity As Gaga In Gucci,” Rainbow Sings in New Satire Video

Satirist Randy Rainbow has hit a home run again. The Emmy nominated comedian has taken aim at the ridiculous, homophobic Don’t Say Gay law recently passed in Florida. The Parent’s Education Bill was passed last month in the sunshine state prompting walkouts, protests, and outrage from the queer community and our allies


The singer, 40, regularly blends political satire and musical parodies from a progressive perspective. Popular song parodies Rainbow has blessed us with include Seasons of Trump, Border Lies, Ted N’ Lindsey, Distraction, and Born This Gay.

According to Billboard Magazine, Rainbow starts


“out in his usual format — staging a faux interview with DeSantis — Rainbow questions why the governor would prevent kids from being able to have healthy, safe discussions about sexuality and gender in the classroom.”

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The If Donald Got Fired singer puts on his signature pink glasses to throw some shade towards DeSantinis exclaiming,

“How would you feel if we signed a bill prohibiting everyone from talking about slimy, self-interested, douchebag politicians with no sex appeal who buy all their suits off the clearance rack at Burlington Coat Factory?” 


The Desperate Cheeto singer then launches into his new parody song simply titled Gay, sung to the melody of Shy from the 1959 musical Once Upon A Mattress. Favorite lines of the song include, 

“Honey I am as queer as a drag queens brassiere.”


“I am as gay as the cast of Euphoria or a Sephora display.”


Think DeSantis or any of his lying, cheating, hypocritical scumbag GOP cohorts will try to clap back? If they do, I am sure it will be comic fodder for the ages. Thanks Randy, for keeping us laughing, smiling and singing, because I too, am “gay as an Easter Bouquet”

Watch the video for GAY! below.

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