Instinct Exclusive With ‘Daily Buzz’ Host and All-Around Cutie Josh McBride!

Credit: Josh McBride

Josh McBride and I have a lot in common. Both of us are gay, good looking and have become forces to be reckoned with on the red carpet. 

He does his thing for Daily Buzz and as a correspondent for Celebrity Page TV, where the charismatic personality dishes with some of the biggest stars on the planet all while keeping a cool demeanor.

Josh’s experiences with these stars can be seen on his popular Instagram account that boasts amazing moments with everyone from Nancy Grace to Jessie James Decker.

He spoke with me about his experiences thus far in the entertainment industry, who his biggest celeb crush is and what people can expect from his glossy birthday celebration in New York City on Saturday, September 7.

Credit: Josh McBride

Tell us more about your star-studded birthday celebration happening this Saturday?

Each year I love to throw a big birthday bash. Everyone from my family, close friends, producers I work with, talent I have interviewed and celebrity friends all come to have a good time. This year, we have two special performances. One is a group of 4 drag queens who are incredibly talented, and then we will have some friends of mine called EXIT 21 who will perform a few of their hits. They are singers and dancers who bring a ton of energy.

How did you get into the world of entertainment journalism?

I knew I wanted to be in entertainment. When I was in high school, I begged our top 40 radio station in Boston, KISS 108, to let me intern there because I wanted to know the business. At 16, I was researching news for the entertainment reporter to read on air. While attending college, I interned at Entertainment Tonight, and knew that this was what I wanted to do.

Do you have a favorite celebrity interview you’ve done thus far?

Ah! What a hard question to answer. I have loved chatting with so many people. A few memorable ones. I interviewed Tiffany Pollard, who I had LOVED from Flavor of Love and I Love New York. She was so fun, loving, and great to chat with. I also interviewed Candace Cameron Bure, who became a close friend of mine, which was crazy because I felt like I watched her grow up on Full House, and now she’s a good buddy.

Any moment with a celeb (wild or not) that sticks out the most?

Tiffany Pollard. Period. When I asked her “What do you think is happening with Kanye (West),” when he was going thru his Twitter drama, she told me “I think he has demons on his kneecaps and I think he needs an exorcism.” That was fun/funny and borderline crazy LOL!

It is clear to see that stars love you based on your wildly popular social media accounts. How are you able to go beyond the professional world that you do and into the friend zone?

I love this question because nearly every person that I have interviewed has told me how it never feels like an interview… just a friend chatting to another friend. I love being able to have that connection with someone and make them feel comfortable versus it be a strict interview. You must remember that when a celebrity is coming for an interview, they probably have about 15 more interviews THAT DAY to do. What is going to make this interview different I often think about.

You, like me, are openly gay. When did you come out and what was the reception like from your loved ones?  

I don’t think in 2019 people have official “coming outs” as so many people assume. I was fortunate to have family and friends who were incredibly supportive and loving.

Are you single or taken? If single, what kind of guys do you go for?

Right now, I am super focused on work, and am single. Not necessarily ready to mingle, but who knows…

Credit: Josh McBride

Last and most important question: who is your current celeb crush and why?

That is a hard question. I have ALWAYS loved Cameron Diaz for whatever reason, other than the fact we have the same birthday. I also have loved and supported everything Will Smith, Britney Spears have done.

You can follow Josh on his Instagram page here.


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