Is Miss Vanjie A Trendsetter?

Is Miss Vanjie A Trendsetter?

Everyone Keeps Saying Her Name!

#MISSVANJIE! Miss Vanessa Vanjie Mateo… Miss – Vanjie…! Yes, if you couldn’t tell by now, I’m one of the many people rehashing the aforementioned Drag Queen who was eliminated first from the current season of RuPaul’s Drag Season Season ten. Since it’s not longer a spoiler, Vanjie, who is cut from the same cloth – or drag family – as the series’ alumni, Alexis Mateo, has been on the tip of everyone’s lips…or their exit. Just two words – a simple name – has been taking the Drag Race watchers by storm.

Vanjie had a quick Drag Race run and it’s never easy being eliminated in the first episode. Out of what appears to be nerves, Vanjie steps backwards on the runway and calls out her names three times. It’s spawned a slew of memes which Billboard has hilariously comprised. I’m obsessed – my roommate is about to lock me out of the house if she hears me screaming out these words again! There’s really no particular way to even say Miss Vanjie…it’s more of a feeling.

Without question, Vanjie is (so far) the breakout star of the season. I have a strong feeling this won’t be the last time we’ve seen Vanjie on a season of Drag Race. It seems to be a common occurrence the show will bring back an eliminated queen to gain another episode in their season, so far – Vanjie is a likely returnee. If those aren’t in the cards for her, there’s a small chance production wouldn’t steal her again for another season and give us more of the mess. I think Vanjie had a lot more to give, so it’s upset we won’t get to see her kooky personality: But, if we’ve learned anything from Drag Race, it’s that you can always go back. Hell, you could even win one of their All Star seasons if you performed poorly twice, so you just never know!

Check out the clip of Vanjie being eliminated below that has everyone going bonkers:

Tons of fans are on the Vanjie bandwagon. Check out some tweets below, including one from America’s most darling redhead, Kathy Griffin:

The quote comes with a hilarious follow up. In the clip below, Regular Judge on Drag Race, Michelle Visage, repeats the phrase to RuPaul trying to steal a laugh:

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