Is Subtle Sexy? Or Do You Want The Ring-Enhanced Package?

Is less more? Is less too much? 

We enjoy a good bulge pic here and there or any chance we can see them.  Yep, we share those kinds of pics on here and we're thinking that's why our readership demographic for women is above 20 percent.

When I hear bulge pic, I want to see a bulge. I've questioned some of my writers' thirst levels as some of the leaky bulge pics they share (no, not leaking in that way) are ones that are not much grander than a thumb and are simply a random pant crease.  But then again a bulge is a bulge, no matter if it's a roll of quarters or a can of spray paint.

And then there's the bulges that just po up out of no where.  The ones that are clearly just a lot of junk in the front trunk and have not been choked like a water balloon, but are just there for all to see.

"That's very subtle gym attire" were the words the peeps used over at for this man's choice of clothing for his work out.

What are your thoughts?  Little NSFW.



Yep,  looks good, looks great, and he's packing, but is the gym the most appropriate time to wear a cock ring?  I'm thinking that things is being choked. 

Am I being a little judgy?  Sure.  But the last time I saw someone presenting like that was when he was high on something while dancing at the White Party in Puerto Vallarta. I can see that a bulge like that is great advertising at a "non-chem free, look at me, sex is top reason I flew to here" kind of party, but at the gym? I guess we all have different reasons to go to the gym.

Judge me, judge you, judge us all. That's what I think.

I'm more of a fan of the pic taken of Tyler Posey recently during a hike.

Thanks Tyler for getting us, well me, more excited than the above gym-goer.

Which one gets you going more? The fully engulfed peacock or the package of semi unknown contents?  (Well, we know his contents, too Another Teen Wolf Literally Leaks Onto The Internet. Is It Mr Tyler Posey's Turn?)

Maybe it's like when I just picked up my iPhone XS Max.  It remained in the box until I returned home.  I didn't unwrap it a the store to see how big it was, how it felt in my hand, how it compared to other iPhones in the store.  I unwrapped the box in the comfort of my own abode. Maybe that is how I roll when it comes to men, too.

I'll put money on it that someone will call me or this post hypocritical because we do share a lot of "leaked pics" and bulges and here I am saying I'm more of a fan of the subtleness of a nice simple package. That's my opinion, not of the magazines, and it's how I like to roll. Apparently mr gym-goer rolls differently.



Here's some more subtle and sexy pics of Tyler.







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3 thoughts on “Is Subtle Sexy? Or Do You Want The Ring-Enhanced Package?”

  1. Guys who emphasize their

    Guys who emphasize their bulge like in the first video, are often desperate and sad. Everyone assumes you have the equipment, there's no need to wear lycra shorts along with an enhancer. That said, snug fitting running shorts offer a little accidental sump'n sump'n to check out!

  2. I’ve had T activists

    I've had T activists (including here on Instinct) tell me a bulge (or even the organ that makes the bulge) is irrelevant and shouldn't indicate someone or something we should be attracted to just because we prefer men.


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