Jeffree Star’s Newest Beau’s Baby Mama Is Pissed


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The Makeup Millionaire’s New Relationship With A Basketball Player Is Making Headlines

Beauty mogul Jeffree Star typically finds someway to always keep his name in the media. When he isn’t busy selling one of the most profitable makeup brands in history, he continues to dodge attacks from social media trying to cancel him. He’s had a sketchy past involving racism allegations with internet warriors in on a mission to destroy him, but Kim Kardashian came to his defense and his African-American hairstylist refused to apologize for their relationship. Now, Star is back to trending as he revealed his newest beau after dumping previous boyfriend Nathan Schwandt earlier this year. Star revealed bits and pieces of his latest knight and shining armor on social media. Fans and haters alike were shocked to see Star dating an African American man – and those kooky internet sleuths quickly discovered his identity by his tattoos.

According to Insider, Star is now dating Andre Marhold, a basketball player who has been credited on ESPN as a forward/center player from 2010 until 2013 in North Carolina. Clearly, Marhold has moved on since his four year stint and is busy showing skin in Star’s palace of a home. New relationships are always fun and cute, but many people are upset that an African-American man would be dating Star due to the latter’s past commentary. Star is now denying accusations that he’s paying Marhold to date him, which is a pretty petty rumor. Star has been facing a heck of a lot of homophobia (accompanied with transphobia), especially since digital tabloids like The Shade Room have posted of their new relationship and their followers are well, shady. Star, as anticipated, remains unphased by reckless comments.

Shockingly, we quickly learned that Marhold previously lived a heterosexual life. He has a son with Emmanuella Chartol, a woman who lives in Atlanta. Chartol is bringing the heat and drama. While we understand that seeing your ex in a homosexual relationship would be a little different to deal with, she’s taking it a little too far. Her Twitter is full of pointed messages that anyone in the LGBTQ community will know far too well that they are deeply rooted with hate and homophobia. She makes a point during her upset that Star referred to an African-American woman as a “gorilla”, but doesn’t make a good argument when she’s flying off the handle with pettiness. Chartol first tells that she learned via The Shade Room’s Instagram account that Star was dating her ex-boyfriend and son’s father. Eventually, she accuses Marhold of sending her sex videos with Star and claims Star is of a “different species” than her. Her Twitter rant is concerning, so please be cautious for the following read:

The majority of us would definitely be pissed… but Chartol is going to have to deal with the fact that her ex is smiling in a pool while she angrily types on her phone…

Image via Instagram | JeffreeStar

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