Jeremy O. Harris Scammed Seth Meyers For A Good Cause

Image via YouTube @Late Night With Seth Myers

Jeremy O. Harris got him again!

Jeremy O. Harris is a writer to watch. Back in October, Jeremy O. Harris’s Broadway play Slave Play was nominated for 12 Tony nominations. This is a history-making feat. The controversial play follows interracial couples who decide to engage in slavery-themed sex role play. But as the play continues, the couples experience the extending traumatic effects racism in America has on Black Americans and their relationships (romantic and otherwise).


On December 7th, Jeremy O. Harris returned to Late Night with Seth Meyer. In the interview, the two discussed the state of American theatre. They discussed how the industry has a chance to rework itself once it returns. (And there’s time to figure that out, as Broadway won’t be returning till Spring 2021 at the earliest). Harris then brought up a new project he’s working on called The Golden Collection, which is made up of 15 different plays by Black writers like Harris, Alice Childress, Brandon Jacobs Jenkins, and more.

It’s then that Myers found himself tricked again. Harris brought up a new initiative he’s working on called the Federal Theatre Project. Harris asked Myers to reach out to the who’s who of his Twitter following, such as Beyoncé, Rhianna, and more, to call for the Biden administration’s support of the project.

Harris specifically cited the New Deal program, which came out of the Great Depression. As Out writes, that program, which ran from 1935 to 1939, saved the theatre industry from tanking. A similar program writing for the modern age could not only protect theatre during and after the coronavirus pandemic, but it could help make theatre more accessible to the general public.


And to his credit, Meyers did pull through with a Tweet the next morning.


This isn’t the first time that Jeremy O. Harris has tricked Meyers into doing a good act for the theatre industry. Last year, Jeremy O. Harris appeared on the show for the first time. While there, Harris tricked Seth Meyer into buying premium tickets to Slave Play for the first 10 people to request them on his Twitter.

Will Seth Meyers ever learn?

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