Junior Vasquez Returns To the Dance Floor-With Ashley O In Tow

The Netflix production Black Mirror has provided plenty of OMG! moments throughout their five seasons, but having Miley Cyrus jumping into the cast during the third and final episode of the most recent season was one of the biggest. As “Ashley O”, a pop singer who is creatively constrained by her management team, Cyrus definitely taps into how many of her pop princess compatriots probably feel on a daily basis. Ashley’s rendition of the Nine Inch Nails classic “On A Roll” morphs the track from a pulsing and thrashing rock anthem into a pop anthem for the modern era

Junior Vasquez has always been the man that artists would go to when they wanted to take their records to a completely different level. From Madonna to Vivian Green to Cyndi Lauper to John Mellencamp, Vasquez knows how to take some of the most powerful voices in music & re-craft their sounds and records, making them into dance floor anthems. He chooses his products uber-carefully now, and as soon as you hear the first few strains of his remix of “On A Roll”, you are clear that this is a “Joonya” production. For true Junior-philes, the track has sounds of “Earth-era” Vasquez, but maintains all of the vocal power of the track, almost letting Ashley O’s vocals stand out that much more. The chorus gets a little more power in Vasquez’s’ hands, making the track a perfect accompaniment to his vast catalog. 

“On A Roll” is available for download on all streaming platforms. Grab it here on Spotify: 

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