Lesbian Waitress’ Response to “I Don’t Tip Fags!” Goes Viral


Waitress, Michele Crider was having a great shift at work on Tuesday.  As she states in a now gone-viral video, ”the sun was shinning that morning, and I was in a terrific mood." She was going about her day at the job she loved, but you know how it is when things are going too well, right? There’s often someone waiting in the wings to ruin your day, just because … or just because in this case, they are nasty, vitriolic homophobes. 

ABCTV 21 in Fort Wayne, Indiana met with Crider to discuss a recent incident in which two of Michele's customers left the anti-gay message, “I don’t tip fags” on their dinner receipt. To begin with, Michele is a lesbian, which she calls out in her online retort to help the two moronic customers better comprehend the world around them. 

In her heartfelt video clapback to the customer who wrote the message, Crider shares that she felt the two men were somewhat peculiar as she served them and that she even made a passing comment to her manager that she thought something was slightly off about them. Still, they gave no indication of hostility so Michele continued to provide them with stellar service as she did with all her customers. It wasn’t until she noticed the men had left, that she assumed they had paid their bill. As is customary, she also assumed her tip was possibly on the table.  It turned out to be quite the contrary.

I’m always baffled and somewhat confused by the homophobic nut jobs who would dare to do something like this to a stranger, but it happens more than we can count. I chalk it up to the times in which we live. The anonymity of the internet gives people what I call “Internet balls,” whereas they say things behind the safety of their computers at home that they would never say to someone’s face. The customers Michele Crider encountered are no different, as they waited until she wasn’t paying attention to write their hateful message and then quietly slip out the door, rather than say whatever they had to say to her face. 

You know, because that’s what real men do (Insert eye roll here).

What makes this situation different from past examples is the eloquent, badass response Michele recorded as a reply to her offenders. In just 3 days it went viral and has gotten over 2 million views.  In some of the highlights of her remarks, she expresses that the derelict diners should spare humanity from further anguish by not having children.

In her plea, the devoted mother states, “I hope you do not have children, sir. I hope you aren’t raising a little human to grow up and be a bigot like you.”  She further strips them of joy by declaring, “You didn’t, sir. You didn’t win. You’re the coward. You’re the one who wrote that note …”  Then, in her brilliant final words she clarifies for the obviously confused customers, “I’m not a fag. I’m a dyke.”  


The restaurant’s owner, Emily Underwood told Fort Wayne TV station WPTA21 there has an outpouring of love for Michele from the community and across the US since her video went viral. She revealed, “People are dropping off gifts, people dropping off money, wanting to give Michele the tips she deserves, and just people wanting to show their support,”

Someone even started a gofundme campaign for Crider with a goal of $1000. It has now raised over $6,000! That’s over 6000 reasons to forget this incident — but not completely. Thanks to surveillance cameras the restaurant was able to identify the customers and they are banned indefinitely.  Check Please!

h/t: See Michele Crider's Full Epic Response on Facebook / Full story @ WPTA21


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  1. But did it really happen ?

    But did it really happen ? Usually these "homophobic written message"  things turn out to be hoaxes (Dayna Morales; Charlie Rogers; Jordan Brown)


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