LOL: Monét X Change Gets Super Shady About Fellow Season 10 Star Blair St. Clair!

We are only on episode one of RuPaul's Drag Race season 10, and its evident that these girls are here to play, slay, and of course… throw a little shade.  Hay! (OK I'll stop).

Someone who is already making sure her shady tree gets bigger and bigger is Monét X Change, who caused quite the stir in her first episode by winning the mini-challenge but also getting into a heated debate with the other queens about her Brillo-inspired look.

Monét X has kept her shadiness going on outside the show, as she poked fun at fellow competitor Blair St. Clair on her Twitter account Sunday.  Blair, who wound up in the top 3 this week, was the target of Monét's hilarity as she cracked a joke about her youthful appearance.

Blair, who is 22 in real life, looks much younger when she isn't in drag, which was spoken about on the first episode and the interwebs.  Monét posted a photo of her and Blair, except, it really, really wasnt:

LOL.  Of course this was all in good fun, however don't expect the shadiness at all to stop from Monét this season.  "I’m concerned about seeing all the shady shit I said about these bitches in confessionals.  God knows what I said, because after Untucked I’m all liquored up, so god knows what shady shit I said about these hoes on national television.”

What do you think about Monét's playful tweet towards Blair? 

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