Medicated Murray Shares Revealing Crotch X-ray.

Do you wish you had x-ray vision? I think sometimes having that power might be a blessing or a curse, depending on where those eyes are pointing. 

Andy Murray just gave us a taste of what this power may be like. The Scottish athlete is in the hospital recovering from hip surgery where they gave him a metal hip.  Excited about being bionic, Murray shared his x-ray, but we saw a great deal more than his new metal joint. 

But now fans, horny men and women, and television talk show hosts are talking about the outline of Murray’s penis as it snakes around in his lap and rests against his left thigh.

During his recovery Andy Murray has had the pleasure of listening and watching everyone talk about his outlines.  Murray even urged Piers Morgan, cohost of Good Morning Britain to “stop discussing my genitals on national TV.”  Murray texted this request while the show was being broadcast live to Piers and co-host Susanna Reid to stop.



Morgan didn't have an issue with talking about the Murray appendage since the photo was leaked by the recovering patient himself, although highly medicated and maybe not truly seeing what he was sending. 

Morgan said, “But didn’t he reveal his X-ray? Which did in fact suggest he did have a massive stick.”







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  1. I see a metal hip. And a

    I see a metal hip. And a skeleton. I’m not a fan of Andy Murray. I don’t like straight men since either block or threatened me. 


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