Missouri Man Charged with Hate Crime After Confused Fight at Nightclub

Allen M. Loftis faces charges after authorities say he assaulted three men at Shady Gators, a Missouri bar near Lake of the Ozarks, because he "believed the victims were homosexual."  He attacked the men on August 4th because he told one deputy that he “does not let gay stuff go on.”

This is the first time a hate crime was charged in the county. What were the other variables involved?  Here's the local KY3.com coverage.



Ahhh,  '80s rock and a wig.

The man, who was with two friends, told authorities he thought the attack might have occurred because of how he was dressed. The man was wearing the wig as well as a see-through half-shirt and leopard print pants.

One of the men tried to break up the fight, but court records said Loftis punched the man in the face, chipping his tooth and causing his lip to swell.

At some point, Loftis was asked to leave the bar, and the three friends went outside.

Outside the bar, Loftis allegedly punched another man in the face and neck. That same man told authorities he called 911.

“Allen stated he was not going to allow gay behavior going on around him and this is why he pulled the wig from (the victim),” court records noted. “Allen’s assaults were unprovoked and motivated because of his belief the victim was homosexual.”

Authorities also said Loftis “showed no remorse but instead attempted to justify his actions.”



Hate Crime:

a crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence.

Loftis is charged with three felony counts of third-degree assault motivated by discrimination and a misdemeanor count of disturbing the peace, online court records say.

It all boils down to intent.  Allen Loftis had the wrong intent.  Now if he just hated the '80s clothes and not homosexuality, well he still would have been a prick, but it would not have been a hate crime.  But the fact is, he hated our lifestyle and took action based on that hatred.

h/t:  kansascity.com

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