Overnight Sensation; Kim Petras Drops Three New Singles To Wake Up To!

Waking up to brand new music from one of our favorite artists is always a treat, but getting three tracks from them when they are one of the hottest and newest names in pop today is a complete dream. Overnight, one of pop's best (and most important) new voices, Kim Petras, presented a brand new crop of tracks. With two artists joining her, Petras's new music is both creatively interesting as well as some good old fashioned pop fun!


Petras' first new offering "1, 2, 3 Dayz Up" has her partnering up with SOPHIE, and the results are purely hypnotic. The ultra electronic vibe melds with Petras's established 80's retro style, melding together to make this down-tempo style track a great new sound for one pop music's freshest new voices, but keeping her on brand as well. 

Listen to "1,2,3 dayz up" (feat SOPHIE) here:  



"If U Think About Me" is quintessential Kim Petras. Since she stormed onto dance floors last summer with the endlessly infectious "Heart To Break", her yearning vocals and throbbing dance beats are one a quality Petras's fans love out of her musical offerings, and "If U Think About Me" will satisfy that and more. With hints of Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry, Petras definitely is paying attention to the pop princesses that have paved the way before her, and the only question left unanswered on "If U Think About Me" is when we will be hearing the remixes for this one?

Listen to "If U Think About Me" here:



The final single Kim Petras dropped today is "Homework" with a little help from Lil Aaron, conspiring to make a sweet and retro tinged (yet electrified) love song. It's interesting hearing Petras share the mic with another artist, but melodically these two are a match. Petras does a little experimenting with her vocal style, which demonstrates a great range, yet at the same time, staying true to her beloved style. In terms of wistful songs of loves of the past, this is the template to follow. 

Listen to "Homework (feat Lil Aaron) here:




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