Patti LuPone & Randy Rainbow Send Trump Packing With “If Donald Got Fired”

It goes without saying that the debates (and specifically the moderators) during the two debates we have seen so far during this political cycle have been….exhausting. From the bombastic yelling to Biden & Harris shutting down their opponents consistently, the moments we have seen have gone viral over and over. The consistently brilliant Randy Rainbow lives for these moments, and is always able to craft one of his masterful musical spoofs around them, turning them each into their own mini-musical production. The debates are major events in the political stratosphere, so Rainbow called in a major star; Broadway icon and Tony winner Patti LuPone, who joins Rainbow on their new duet “If Donald Got Fired”. 


Set to the tune of “If Momma Was Married” from Gypsy, the song is right out of LuPone’s wheelhouse (LuPone earned her second Tony Award for her portrayal of Rose in the 2008 Broadway revival of the musical.) Her well documented vitriol for Trump makes her the perfect duet partner for Rainbow, and we quickly see why when, as Rainbow struggles to hold the (mock) debate together, LuPone appears in a puff of smoke simply saying “when gay men are in crisis, I just materialize.”

LuPone & Rainbow each get their fair share of licks in, directed squarely at the current White House resident. Rainbow wishes of not “having nightmares about Kellyanne” while LuPone pointedly saying “the polls all project, we’ve all had enough”


In a statement released with the song, there is definitely a mutual admiration society formed between the two performers. Rainbow called working with LuPone a “dream come true,” stating “it’s no secret that I have always been obsessed with Patti LuPone. She’s been an idol of mine since childhood, so I still can’t believe this actually happened!” Similarly, LuPone returned the compliment, saying “I’m so thrilled to be part of Randy’s satiric brilliance. I wish I could have lived up to it, but he’s in a stratosphere all his own.”

Patti LuPone & Randy Rainbow’s “If Donald Got Fired” is available on broadway

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