Pink Gets A Request For A Reworking of “Dear Mr President”-From Cher

In 2006, our country was deeply divided and in the midst of what turned out to be a needless war. Like so many artists before her, Pink channeled her frustration into her music, crafting the political anthem “Dear Mr President” and (featuring Indigo Girls on vocals) wrote the definitive anthem for the country at that time. In the track, she pleads with then-President George W Bush to “come take a walk with me” and asks “what kind of father would hate his own daughter if she were gay”? 

While the track remains a favorite of Pink’s most loyal fans, one fan in particular recently spoke out about it, personally asking for a reworking of the track to reflect our current political climate; Cher. Tweeting the artist, Cher specially asks for Pink to “rewrite” the song, indicating that it’s “always been my favorite”. 

This is not the first time that Pink and Cher’s careers have intersected. Pink wrote the single “I Walk Alone” for Cher’s 2013 album Closer To The Truth and contributed background vocals on the track. 

It goes without saying that a reworking of the track (with updated lyrics) during an election year could serve as an anthem to contribute to a much needed change; now if only Pink could convince Cher to join her on the track, perhaps donating proceeds to the eventual Democratic candidate? Something tells me that Cher’s request may end up getting fulfilled sooner than later…

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