‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Fans Think The Season 12 Premiere Was Its Best Ever

Credit: VH1

The casting department for RuPaul’s Drag Race should be practicing their acceptance speeches at the upcoming Primetime Emmy Awards based on how well received the first episode of season 12 was on Friday, February 28.

RPDR returned in full swing last night to a new flock of queens vying for the coveted crown, a brand new werk room, not one but two major twists and an appearance from a wonderfully opinionated superstar named Nicki Minaj. The amount of OMG moments that occurred during the 90-minute program was enough to make fans of the show gag for so much more as they littered social media with mostly positive comments about what they witnessed.



The long-running reality competition series began by borrowing ideas they’ve done in season 6 and 7. Half the group competed in the first episode (Heidi N Closet, Jackie Cox, Widow Von’Du, Nicky Doll, Brita, Crystal Methyd, Gigi Goode) meaning that we’ll have to wait until next week to meet the other contestants. They did this in season 6 where the non-eliminated queens from the first 2 episodes came together as one group in episode 3. 

That was the furthest thing from many of our minds as this flock made up for it by bringing five, yes, FIVE amazing lewks to the werk room and two different runways before the show ended. They had their entrance lewk, a spring and fall fashion lewk (did this in season 7), a lewk while doing their group rap performance of “I’m That B**ch” and finally a sparkles lewk for the official runway. 


There was so much outside of the sickening fashions that worked well in the first episode. Many fans fell in love with the charisma and back stories of the queens, not to mention the sisterhood that appeared throughout the show (minus the struggle Widow had to deal with when choreographing the group number).

Also a rare thing happened: the queens barely received any negative critiques on the runway. It looked like the judges were grasping at straws to find something but there wasn’t much to talk about in that aspect which was shocking to many given just how tough the challenges were. 


Nicki also earned a ton of praise from social media for her performance as guest judge. She was constructive with her criticisms without being hurtful and commended pretty much all of them on their rap abilities. “You really can see how Nicki wanted to be there,” one fan wrote. “She was so happy, so sweet and so good as a guest judge! I loved her so much, best guest judge since Lady Gaga!”


Then there was the lip sync between Widow and Gigi to Nicki’s song “Starships” that was, well, iconic. This became the Diet Coke version of the All Stars rules in that the top two queens lip synced for the win and $5,000. Except they didn’t send anyone home. Both Widow and Gigi did their own unique twist on the chart-topping hit but Widow, who basically broke her body during the performance, won in the end. 

What did you think of last night’s show, Instinct Magazine fans?

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