‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Power Rankings, Episode 10: I’ve Had It… Officially

This writer has become unhinged, so prepare for major shade… and spoiler alerts.

Last night's episode of RuPaul's Drag Race left us with the same amount of queens it did the last time, 6, due to the non-elimination that saved both Kameron Michaels and Eureka. It's a move that left Aquaria mad and frustrated, which made me want to jump through the TV screen at this point and yell STFU because I've literally HAD IT with her attitude and I'm thrilled that Asia O'Hara took care of that for me before the segment was up. 

The mini-challenge this week was quite possibly one of the funniest they have ever done, in where the remaining six had to butch themselves the f**k up for a fragrance RuPaul is selling, appropriately called… Trade.

After that, it was a social media influencer extravaganza of sorts where the queens had to do a drag makeover of six popular online stars. This included Tyler Oakley (paired with Monet X Change), Kingsley (with Aquaria), Chester See (with Miz Cracker), Raymond Braun (with Asia O'Hara), Anthony Padilla (with Kameron Michaels) and someone by the name of Frankie Grande (paired with Eureka) who I've never really heard of before. They also had to make a homemade video of themselves dancing and lip syncing to Ru's song "Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent."

Here's where the spoiler alert comes in, y'all, so if you haven't watched the episode left, find another fabulous article on Instinct's page and come back for the shady shade shade after you've observed. Monet went home over Kameron… and I still struggle to figure out how the f**k the judges could not see the family resemblance between her and Tyler.

It was dead on, they both looked fabulous, had a blast on the runway and did a great job in the homemade video. The bottom two, IMHO, should have been Kameron and Aquaria. Kameron's look was basic, the episode set her up for bottom two from the get as she didn't really connect with her partner. Aquaria and Kingsley did not look good as a pair, the outfits didn't match and the overall execution was poor. How she has not lip synced yet is incredible to me, however I do think they are setting us up for a Cracker vs. Aquaria type of deal before the winner is revealed (now we have to wait two weeks for a new episode. Ergh.)

Ok, rant over. Now we have five queens left: 2 NYC'ers, 2 Tennessee locals and one from Texas. Who now has what it takes to truly win in the end?

Each week, we are doing a power ranking of who is on the top, the middle and the bottom.  In last week's rankings, Asia shot back to the top after almost being eliminated. Who will fall where this week?

1. Asia O'Hara (last week: #1). What a rebound Asia has had over the past two weeks. She was stellar in last night's episode with her partner Raymond (AKA America O'Hara), and the fact that she was able to put together a duplicate jacket in that amount of time that looked polished and stunning was incredible. I've had a feeling that Asia would win this for a while, and last night's episode ALMOST solidifies her not only making it to the top four but taking home the much-deserved crown. 

2. Eureka (last week: #2). She put her best foot forward with Frankie and his "personality" to get herself in the high group of the week. Eureka is making the finals, it's been obvious since the get given her edit that she's received and I think we would all be collectively gagged at this point if she didn't make it to the end. 

3. Miz Cracker (last week: #6). F***ing FINALLY! Cracker finally pulled out a much deserved win, and I'm so thrilled that it happened on this particular challenge. She turned Chester (how you doing, by the way) into Miz Cookie realness and the makeup, body and outfit were completely on point. Does this make her a finalist? Somewhat. I do worry if there is something up production's sleeve with her and Aquaria still, although they haven't really done much with their drama after the first or second episode. Stay tuned though.

4. Aquaria (last week: #4). I want her gone, seriously. I know I'm coming across harsh, but her complete lack of self-awareness is not enjoyable to watch and I struggle to understand how she can become America's Next Drag Superstar when her "me, me, me" mentality is so off-putting. 

5. Kameron Michaels (last week: #5). I think Kameron is very likable, and has done a super job this season given how quiet her demeanor has been throughout it all. I don't think that is enough, however, to catapult her into the top four, and she's been in the bottom two for the past two weeks. If that happens again for a third time around, no matter how good of a lip sync "assassin" she is, she'll be going home. 

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