Stacy Layne Matthews Turns to Public for Help

Image via Instagram @stacylmatthews

Over the weekend, the federal eviction moratorium that put a halt to residential evictions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 ended. Millions of Americans are now being left in the dark and ​face homelessness over past-due rent, even though the Delta variant continues to surge. 

One of those being impacted by this is RuPaul’s Drag Race season 3 star and fan favorite Stacy Layne Matthews. She opened up about her situation in a recent Instagram post. 


“I haven’t said much about my situation but here it goes,” she wrote. “I know everyone is struggling. Trust me I have helped many people get through tough times… I thought I had done enough to stay where I am currently living. By myself in a 1 bedroom apartment….. but obviously I haven’t. I been given a week to figure it out or go to court and explain why I’m behind. I’ve never been evicted. It’s a scary situation.”

Matthew is far from alone. According to CNN Politics, a nationwide wave, some describing it as a tsunami, of evictions threatens an estimated 11.4 million renters who have fallen behind on rent due to job losses and various other financial stressors caused by the pandemic. 

Despite the rising number of COVID cases in all 50 states, the Supreme Court ruled in late June that the moratorium must expire by the end of July.


White House officials say this ruling has left President Biden’s hands tied, and the Democrats in Congress divided. Some progressive Democrats, including Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri’s first congressional district, spent the weekend camped out on the Capitol steps in protest.

Image via Instagram @stacylmatthews

On top of the already grave issue, state and local governments have been slow to disperse $45 billion in relief funds allocated by Congress to assist those behind on rent and mortgage payments. 

While tenants and landlords are filling courts across the country, others, like Matthews, are turning to the public for help during these unprecedented times.

“I know many may judge me for this post and that’s ok,” she said. “Everyone is allowed to feel however they want. Just know if I didn’t need help I surely wouldn’t ask…. especially from people I didn’t know. With that being said…. if you wanna donate…. that would be greatly appreciated. I’m doing everything I can to get back to where I was. Thank you to those who believe in me enough to get back to where I was. I haven’t smiled in such a long time. Much love. Miss Henny!”


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