Stating the Case for Each Remaining Queen to Win ‘RPDR’ Season 10

Season 10 of RuPaul's Drag Race was not the best. Matter of fact, it was the worst one they've done since the dreadful season 7, but here we are with five queens left and a title that needs to be won. 

The penultimate episode (I think?) airs this Thursday on VH1, where the final four will more than likely be revealed. The five queens left are New Yorkers Aquaria and Miss Cracker, Tennessee natives Eureka and Kameron Michaels and finally Texas queen Asia O'Hara.

A major difference this season, compared to the ones before it, is that there really isn't a clear cut winner at this point. Certain seasons became foregone conclusion for better or worse in terms of who would eventually win (Bianca Del Rio for season 6, Bob the Drag Queen for season 8), yet this one is still very up in the air.

That pretty much means that each queen left has a validating reason(s) for why they should win. Let's dissect each of them and figure out what they possess currently in order to earn themselves the crown in a matter of weeks. 

Asia O'Hara

In terms of overall performance, Asia should win. She's been one of the most consistent queens throughout the season (minus a hiccup or two), and has really shown how versatile she is in her fashion ensembles, acting abilities and comedic ways that really propelled her to an easy top five get. She's a very seasoned queen outside the show, so it would be easy for her to handle the pressure of what a winner has to go through, and she has a very warm and sweet exterior that also makes her approachable to a wide fan base that some past winners don't have (not saying names, you can come to your own conclusion there).

Kameron Michaels

Kameron has done a good job this season. Her outfits have been good. Her performances have been good as well. Notice a common theme here? Good. I like Kameron, I think her quiet exterior has been a big part of her storyline this season, but that doesn't work in the world outside of RPDR. Her aesthetic of being the "muscle queen" has definitely separated her from the pack, so if she does win she will have to figure out a way of combining both of those factors and turning them into one hell of a show once you start touring and whatnot. Because being quiet isn't going to sell you tickets. 


Aquaria is young and can carry a younger fan base, which is great given that she already had a major social media following prior to coming on season 10. Outside of that, I don't really see what she could bring as a winner. Her looks this season have been great, but her personality has just been so off putting that it makes me wonder how much bigger her ego will be if she (potentially) wins. It's a no for me overall, but she could still win.


The show has been favoring her since the beginning. I have no problem saying this, nor am I taking that back (read my original force-fed post here). Here's the thing: we don't need to have a plus-size queen win just for the sake of winning. Let's take a look at another VH1 series: America's Next Top Model. In Season 10, Whitney (a plus-size model) won the show, even though she was consistently in the bottom. It felt forced that they wanted a plus-size girl to win, and yes… this season has done the same for Eureka. 

Can she captivate an audience? Sure. Is she fun? Maybe. Is she too much a whole lot of the time? Yes. She comes off incredibly obnoxious on the show and on Untucked, and the air of arrogance in her is quite noticeable. She definitely has the chance to win, based on how well she's done this season, but if she's winning for the sake of them checking off having a plus-size girl take the crown, then that is truly wrong on many levels.

Miz Cracker

If there are two queens that should be in the finals this year… it's Cracker and Asia (IMHO). Cracker has been incredibly consistent throughout this season, even though she's only won one challenge. Her comedy and persona that she exhibits is very inviting, she's funny without overdoing it and her fashion and makeup skills are incredible (MIZ COOKIE!) Plus, we would have our first ever drag daughter of a previous winner actually take the title (her drag mother is Bob the Drag Queen).To me, Cracker has been that middle that was needed this season: she wasn't too quiet like Kameron but she wasn't totally in your face like Eureka. Having that necessary balance can equal one heck of a great winner, and she's got my vote (besides Asia). 

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