Talk Show Host Rubin Told Donald Trump Junior to Call Him a Gay Slur

Dave Rubin told Donald Trump Jr. that he can call him a f*g. Screenshot via Slade Twitter video.

He blamed us for the wildfires in California and now he’s saying to Trump’s son that he can call him a f*g on his YouTube show because he believes that LGBT people have achieved equality in the US, despite that being objectively false, reports Towle Road.

Donald Trump Jr. appeared on Rubin’s show, The Rubin Report, and discussed LGBT rights in the United States. Trump junior asked Rubin “As a gay man, what are your thoughts as it relates to, outspoken activist homosexual people getting owned by the trans movement like ‘it’s not enough’ after the years that you guys fought to get the equality that you have?”

Rubin’s response? He basically said that he’s only wanted equality and now since LGBT people have equality, it was fine for Donald Jr. to call him a f*g and it wouldn’t mean anything. This gave Donald Jr. the go-ahead to say that gay people don’t actually want equality but instead want reparations for problems that don’t exist and that LGBT people were never oppressed like others were. He also admitted to not knowing about transgender people until a few years ago which should tell everyone just how little Donald Jr. knows about LGBT rights and issues. In certain places in the US, gay people can be fired for their sexuality, denied housing, and there have been numerous attempts to allow adoption agencies to deny same-sex couples the right to adopt, not to mention the historical events like the Lavender Scare or the multiple arrests at gay bars that led to the Stonewall Riots. I’m not claiming that LGBT people are victims, but I am definitely saying that Donald Jr. doesn’t know what he’s talking about at all which I suppose isn’t very surprising. 

As Donald Jr. was saying that LGBT people wanted special treatment and that historically they had nothing to complain about, Rubin was nodding his head in agreement. Here is the video for reference:

Does Rubin giving Donald Jr. permission to refer to him as a gay slur set a dangerous precedent? Or do you think that levels of homophobia will basically stay the same? Either way, it will be interesting to see how far Dave Rubin can stoop until enough people are fed up with him.

Source: Towle Road

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