Texas Store’s Bathroom Saved From Peeping Tom

Image via the Temple Police Department

A Texas man has been arrested after he was caught recording men in a public bathroom.

According to NBC affiliate KCENTV, Joshua Lamont Lewis has been charged with invasive visual recording. The Temple, Texas resident was arrested on January 3rd. The Temple Police Department had received a phone call about someone filming others in the bathroom of an H-E-B grocery store on S 31st Street.

When an officer named Officer Aumus arrived at the scene, Lewis was still in a bathroom stall. Lewis later confessed to putting his cellphone under the bathroom stall next to him and recording men using the facilities. Alexander Anthony was unlucky enough to be using the stall recorded by Lewis. He later told police that he never gave his consent to the recording.

The Temple Police Department reviewed the videos on Lewis’ phone. That’s when they discovered that Anthony wasn’t the only man Lewis had recorded. Three other videos of men using the bathroom during other days were also in Lewis’ possession.

Again, the 22-year-old has been charged with invasive visual recording in a bathroom. He is currently being held in the Bell County Jail.

Source: KCENTV, ABC 25’s KXXV

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