The Power of Internet Prosumers: Sean Cody Removed All Pics and Vids With Confederate Flag Tattoo

In the age of internet “prosumers,” lots of things are possible. Including the removal of a racist tattoo from a popular porn site, it would appear. 

As we previously reportedSean Cody caught a lot of well-deserved flack this week for two porn scenes featuring a model, Zane, with a Confederate flag tattoo in the shape of Texas. It really is shameful and inexcusable (I say this as someone who’s gotten lots of enjoyment from Sean Cody‘s extensive library over the years), because there are tons of hot guys out there willing to pose nude who don’t have painful symbols rooted in centuries of hatred plastered on their bodies. 

At first, the tattoo was just awkwardly, sloppily blurred in the vids, photoshopped out of the high-res stills. But now, following the internet’s justified outcry, Sean Cody told they have removed the model and the tat from their site entirely, saying:


“The Sean Cody team apologizes for any harm and offense caused by the recent release of scenes featuring an unacceptable tattoo,” a Sean Cody rep said to Out in an email. “The scenes have been taken down and we are actively taking measures to ensure this does not happen again.” 

I checked out the site for myself. It all appears to indeed be gone. 

For the rest of this story, go to Out. For a simulation of what it was like to watch Zane’s scenes with the big blurry blob over his naked body (and I watched all of it because I have a Sean Cody account), watch these clips of Showgirls edited for television. It was a lot like this. 

5 thoughts on “The Power of Internet Prosumers: Sean Cody Removed All Pics and Vids With Confederate Flag Tattoo”

  1. Sean Cody has the right to release or erase any vids on its site, it’s their property, but this kind of political correctness is offensive so I won’t be renewing my subscription.

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  3. Well since the confederate flag is a representation of losers I can see why they wouldn’t want losers on their site.


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