These are the 3 Queens to Look Out For on Season 10 of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

In two more days, season 10 of RuPaul's Drag Race will premiere on VH1.  After enjoying its most watch season ever with the recent completion of All Stars 3 (which saw fan favorite Trixie Mattel take the coveted crown), fans of the show are left with little to no interruption as we are catapulted into another season of messiness, shade, competition, fierceness and the occasional "dad joke" from host RuPaul

The first fifteen minutes of the season premiere was released earlier this week (Christina Aguilera is the guest judge), and it shows bits of pieces of the girl's personalities.  I will say this though: There are three queens this season out of the bunch that are ones to be on the lookout for, and for various reasons.  This whole group looks incredibly talented, with several contestants being part of legendary families, some of which have competed on previous seasons, however these three come with a major reputation that should get them very, very far in the competition if they play their cards right.

That being said, here are the three that this writer thinks will go the distance and have a major shot at winning season 10 of RPDR.

Eureka O'Hara

As far as I'm concerned… it's Eureka's game to lose.  I don't have any spoilers or nothing for season 10, but I do have a feeling that the story they will craft for her is going to be how she was dramatically cut in season 9 due to an injury she sustained and how she will persevere like no other to win this year's crown.

Eureka is one of the most put together queens aesthetically, regardless of her size.  Yes, I am biased to a certain degree and would love for a big girl to finally win this thing as there has been several chances in the past to make that happen (Ginger Minj and Latrice Royale for one), however there is a tenacity that you already see in fhe first couple of minutes this season for Eureka that shows she's in it to win it.  If she plays this game smart, and maybe keeps her mouth closed a bit but not to the point where it's shut, and keeps her fashion and funniness on point, she will be a serious contender for the title.  Speaking of funniness…

Monet X Change

Once again, bias is coming into play… but New York City has birthed some pretty f***ing amazing queens.  Three of the previous four winners have been from The Big Apple (Bianca Del Rio, Bob the Drag Queen, Sasha Velour) and this season once again has several talented competitors who could easily make this a four for five situation.

Aquaria, Miz Cracker, Yuhua Hamasaki and Dusty Ray Bottoms are all fabulous queens who are doing big things in NYC, however Monet has that extra something special that i think will separate her from the pack.  I've seen her do her comedy, and it's similar to Bob and Bianca only that much louder.  Louder can sometimes translate to annoying or "doing the most", but Monet's personality is well balanced and her looks are extremely on point.  If this season is very "acting" based, then she can definitely hold her own while rocking some fierce looks on and off the runway.

Mayhem Miller

Mayhem has been one of the biggest drag names in the industry outside of the girls who have competed on RPDR.  Not only that, but she boosts a social media following that is on par (if not greater) than some of the girls that have competed in the past, which shows what potential this queen really has.

She's been rumored to be part of each season of RPDR for years now, and  now she's finally on.  There has to be pressure there to perform well, but based on videos I've seen of her and the support she has 3,000 miles away in Los Angeles (Detox for one) definitely supports the cause that she is one to look out for.  Also I would totally kai kai with her out of drag (hit me up, boo).

Who are YOU rooting for this season?  Let us know!

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