This Is One Incredible (and Weird) Way to Market ‘Brady Brand’

Photo Credit: NFL

Who needs OnlyFans when the internet has Tom Brady?

The sports commentator, executive producer and current quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers proved that he is a man of his word when he took a dare from a thirsty fan on Twitter.


If you weren’t aware (I wasn’t), the iconic football player launched his own clothing line – Brady Brand – in October 2021. It specializes in comfortable, athletic sportswear and recently added underwear to its collection. In a special, somewhat horny promotional campaign, Mr. Brady shared some of his models repping Brady Brand and promised to recreate the photos if the post received 40,000 likes.

Gays and women alike screamed, “Challenge Accepted!”


As you can imagine, the Twitter post went viral and received the requested 40,000 likes plus an additional 10,000. Here’s where it gets interesting (and sexy), though!

One Brady Baby dared Tom to hand deliver a pair of used underwear to his address if his comment received 40,000 likes. Now it was Tom’s turn to say, “Challenge Accepted.” 

In a supreme and heartwarming showing of solidarity, the internet came together and supplied the Twitter user with over 87,000 likes; thus forcing the quarterback to submit to losing the dare. Tom Brady then commented back to the Twitter user telling him to pick a color and DM him his home address. 

It remains to be seen if 7-time Super Bowl Champion shows up on this man’s doorstep. 


Sniffing underwear isn’t my thing, but if some Tom Brady ball sweat is enough to make the Twitter user happy, then I wish him the best of luck!

And here’s a video of Brady in his own brand since I’m so generous. 

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