This Show Featured A Gay Date Had Completely Through Sign Language

Irish tv showed a gay date that was made up entirely of sign language.

The tv show First Dates Ireland is a reality show that depicts the awkward, funny, and charming moments that can happen when people go on their first date.

The latest episode of the series not only showed a date between two gay men but those men also talked entirely though Irish Sign Language.

In the scene, we see John Charles, saying that dating as a deaf man can be frustrating. Not only that, but everyday life can be hard too. For instance, Charles hates it when people decide to talk louder in his ear after he tells them he’s deaf.

Conversely, his date Stephen (more on him down below) says that as a hearing person he can have his struggles too.

Don’t believe him? Check out a clip from the episode down below.

If you watched the clip you’re probably thinking, “That was adorable, relatable, and yet sweetly foreign to me.” (Or is that just me?)

If you agree, we’re not alone. Several people on twitter praised the show for including this date and sharing what dating with hearing disabilities can be like.

Also, while writing this post we realized that the hearing man is none other than Mr. Gay Ireland Stephen Lehane (who we've talked about last year for our post about 2017 Mr Gay Europe).

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