TN Log Cabin Republicans Use Forums to Try to Get Love From Party

In a statement on its social media accounts, the Log Cabin Republicans of Tennessee refer to state representative Jeremy Faison as a “total Daddy.” (Photo Credit: Love letter by Ylanite Koppens via Pexels and Faison by Ncrawford604 via Wikipedia)

The Tennessee chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans has come out with two separate statements to openly mock and diminish anyone that doesn’t share its values in an attempt to get the love of the Republican Party while trying to act like it’s a part of the LGBTQ community. The first came in the form of a press release posted to its Twitter account on May 6 and the second was an editorial written by Joshua Herr, the Chairman of the Log Cabin Republicans of Tennessee, for the Tennessean on May 10.

The former statement addressed the backlash over Tennessee State Representative Jeremy Faison’s refusal to get on board with a resolution to honor T.J. Osborne of the duo Brothers Osborne after he came out as gay. In the statement, it reads:


“Look, maybe Faison just thought coming out as gay isn’t newsworthy enough for resolution. Maybe Osborne has other accomplishments to his name besides fondness for strong jawlines and a fabulous taste in drapery. And besides, none of us got resolutions when we came out- and we were a lot younger than Osborne. Don’t expect rainbow confetti and a ticker tape parade just liking boys, hunty. Shut up and sing.”

The Twitter statement goes on to name other “queens” in country music after denigrating Osborne by saying, “T.J. may be the biggest, but he surely is not the first.” The statement concludes with the Log Cabin Republicans of Tennessee’s adulation for Faison:

“We heard you’re having a lunch kiki with Rep. Faison. Can’t blame you; he’s a total Daddy. But in the meantime we’ll set up brunch with our girls and find out if they’d pass a resolution that’s a little less sappy and…gay.”

(Credit: Log Cabin Republicans of Tennessee Official Twitter Account)
(Credit: Log Cabin Republicans of Tennessee Official Twitter Account)

In his editorial in the Tennessean, Log Cabin Republicans of Tennessee chairman Joshua Herr writes about the two separate anti-trans legislations. Herr explains:

“LGBT leftists tend to hate us because we put our principles first. We believe in religious liberty, free speech, God-given human dignity, limited government, and economic opportunity. 

For that reason we frequently oppose radical gender theory and leftist policies like the Equality Act. We support a nuanced, science-based approach to transgender policy issues. 

We recently spoke out in support of the legislature’s initiative to keep youth sports organized according to biological sex — we find the effort to let biological males play girls’ sports anti-science and offensive.”


Herr also claims that the Log Cabin Republicans of Tennessee were kicked out of Nashville’s LGBT Facebook group because the administrators of the group hate them and use this as well as how the ‘LGBT leftists’ treat them to “demonstrate(s) our conservative bona fides.”

Yet as much as Herr said the Log Cabin Republicans were in favor of the legislation to prevent trans-girls from playing in girls’ sports, it opposes HB1182/SB1224, which would publicly identify private businesses that make accommodations for transgender people. Herr calls the bill “misguided” and details why he thinks the bill is flawed:

“First, as conservatives who believe in liberty and in supporting small businesses, we do not think that government should single out businesses for special public censure if they do not enforce the government’s current social views.

Second, the bill is counterproductive. We understand that the legislature wants to give parents peace of mind that their daughters will not use the same restroom as biological males. Parents want to make sure their kids are safe — this is a completely reasonable concern. But forcing trans women to use the same restroom as young boys can be more disturbing and disruptive to businesses.”

Herr ends the editorial by urging Tennessee Governor Bill Lee to veto the bill.

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