Tyler, The Creator Dropped Two New Songs!

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Tyler, The Creator shared an early Christmas present with fans and fans are loving it.

Grammy-nominated artist randomly released the two songs, “Best Interest” and “Group B,” on December 23rd. In addition, he dropped a conjoining video to go along with the song “Best Interest.”


As Rolling Stone puts it, “Best Interest” has a soulful yet surreal vibe to it with the inclusion of chimes, strings, horns, and synth sounds. Tyler and his team described the song as an unfinished track from his Igor album (which was released in May).

Specifically, his official YouTube page states that “Best Interest” is “a song that I never got to fully finish from IGOR sessions.” Tyler then added: “Didnt want it to sit on a hard drive. Filmed with no music, with hopes that it would sync up, a success!.”

Again, a video was released to go along with “Best Interest.” The video was a spontaneous decision made by the artist, who has openly discussed his attraction to men, while hanging out with friend Wyatt Navarro on a boat ride. He asked the friend to run the camera while he performed the song a capella.

According to Tyler, the video was “filmed with no music, with hopes that it would sync up, a success!”


As for “Group B,” the song has more of a modern sound and discusses themes such as living in extravagance and climate change. Tyler does this through lyrics like,  “Foot is on the gas/I ain’t letting off/Every car is gas/Pissing Greta off.”

Sources: Rolling Stone, Pitchfork

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