Really, Wendy? Mocking A Murdered Teen?

Image via Wendy WIliams

Wendy Williams is receiving backlash for her insensitive coverage of a TikTok star’s murder (just a week after her Tabitha Brown controversy).

The daytime talk show host is being criticized for the way that she discussed TikTok star and dancer Swavy on a recent episode of her show. Williams first introduced Swavy, real name Matima Miller, by saying, “I have no idea who this is. Neither does Norman, neither does one person in this building.” She then asked her audience if they knew who he was. Wendy Williams then proceeded to talk about the 19-year-old with her crew.


“Well, he’s a TikTok star. He’s got more followers than me. 2.5 million,” Williams said.

“On TikTok. But on Instagram, you have more followers,” chimed one of her crew members.

“Well as my son Kevin would say, no one uses Instagram any more. And as far as TikTok, I don’t use that at all. I don’t know what that is, I don’t want to be involved,” Williams joked.

But that’s when Wendy Williams decided to enlighten her audience on who Swavy was and why they were talking about him.


“He’s 19 and he was murdered Monday morning,” she said, which shocked her audience.

After the segment aired on television, it started to trend online. Williams almost immediately received backlash for the disrespectful coverage of Swavy and his murder.

As TikToker Kita Rose shared in a video, “Imagine living in a world where before you announce to your audience that somebody has died you make fun of their appearance. Then at your huge-ass age you compare follower count. Wendy, you are on a downward spiral.”


Several Twitters users also condemned Williams. Though, one noted how the controversial moment will likely lead to Wendy Williams receiving more attention.




For the record, Matima Miller was a Delaware-based TikTok user who posted dancing videos, paintball sessions, and comedy bits on his social media pages. Then on Monday, Miller was shot in broad daylight in the Southbridge neighborhood of Wilmington. According to the New York Post, local police responded to an emergency call around 10:42 am. Miller was then transported to the nearest hospital for injuries, where he later died of said injuries.


“The victim in this incident has been identified as Matima Miller,” according to the Wilmington Police Department report. “This incident remains under investigation and further details will be released when possible.”

YouTuber Damaury “Kid Maury” Mikula released a video later that day confirming that Swavy had died.

“Yeah, my friend Swavy, man — he got shot,” Mikula revealed while crying. “All he did was make videos — vids, vids, vids, going up, up, up, up.”

He later added, “Seeing him get taken out. Don’t make me say this, bro. It don’t make no sense.”


Fans then took to social media to mourn the sudden passing of the young social media personality.

Matima Miller’s murder is still being investigated by the police. Any information concerning the case can be shared with Detective Mackenzie Kirlin at 302-576-3653 or with Delaware Crime Stoppers at 800-TIP-3333 or

Source: The New York Post,

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