Who Deserves to Win Miss Congeniality on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’?

Season 10 of RuPaul's Drag Race is close to crowing its latest winner, capping off six straight months of our favorite show being on the air (All Stars 3 included).

Besides the winner, the other big prize that is awarded at the end of the season is Miss Congeniality, which is a fan-based vote that determines who the audience thinks was one of three things: the nicest (Ivy Winters, BenDeLaCreme), the one who helped others out the most (Latrice Royale, Yara Sofia), or simply fan favorite for a bevy of reasons (Katya, Valentina. No shade, seriously).

The winner of each season has never won Miss Congeniality as well, which could cause a problem this time around as there is a major front runner for both (IMHO). This group of girls didn't necessarily bring it the way that previous ones did (see my seasons recap here), but there were a couple from this bunch that no doubt deserve to wear the coveted "congenial" sash come finale night.

Here are three of this seasons queens that deserve the title of Miss Congeniality:one from each category (helpful, nice, fan favorite). 

Asia O'Hara (Top 5, still in the competition). She has been dominating the competition (minus Snatch Game and the challenge after that), but hasn't had a major ego like several past pageant queens have. She has kept it all the way real in a way that is authentic without being pushy or with an "I'm right, you're wrong, deal with it," kind of mentality. Her heart to heart that she had with The Vixen was one of the most touching and sincere moments of the season, and Asia's motherly type of attitude that she has exuded with helping the other queens out in their outfits, minds and more could easily earn her this title.

Blair St. Clair (9th place). Could Blair possibly be the nicest person to ever compete on RPDR? Maybe! The Indianapolis native was incredibly sweet, from her entrance to her exit, and was so jovial with everyone around her that it's hard to find any negatives from her time on the show, especially when it comes to the sisterly department.

Vanessa Vanjie Matteo (14th place). Yes, she went home first, but she's become the biggest thing from this season simply by walking backwards and saying her middle name three times before exiting episode one. I have no doubt that Vanessa will get a good portion of the votes from the audience, as she has been able to develop a career better than any other girl who went home first on their season.  When the power of one word can change your life, it deserves some sort of recognition, and Miss Congeniality could be just that.

Go cast your vote for Miss Congeniality on VH1's voting site here

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