Will Kim Cattrall Be Joining the New Season of ‘Emily in Paris’?

The Netflix premiere of ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 3 is near, and the fans of the hit show have been hoping for a guest appearance featuring Kim Cattrall, as her and creator Darren Star’s friendship goes way back to her ‘Sex and the City’ days.


Those hopes were further fueled after the 66-year-old actress attended the upcoming season’s premiere in the City of Light on December 7. More recently, Star finally addressed the topic stating,

“For me, it’s never about stunt casting per se. It’s about finding the right role for the right person. And I would love to work with Kim, and it’s just about finding a role that’s worthy of Kim.”


“If it works out for this, it’ll be fun. So let’s see what happens,” he added, which was quite a hopeful statement for the viewers who want to see Cattrall in the comedy-drama series.

Moreover, Star shared a bit about what to expect from the upcoming third season expressing,

“I think when you have a great ensemble like this, you have a lot more story to tell. I see so much more story to tell, so many more possibilities.”

‘Emily in Paris’ Season 4 is already confirmed, and Season 3 is scheduled to premiere on December 21 on Netflix.

Source: people.com

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