Will LGBTs Embrace Frank Ocean’s New Music Post-Backlash?

Image via Frank Ocean and Gay Letter

Yet another LGBTQ singer has released new music to entertain us all during this complicated time.

Last week, Frank Ocean released 7-inch vinyls of two new tracks titled “Cayendo” and “Dear April.” The singer known for his R&B sound has been playing with electronic beats and club-like music lately. In addition, the new 7-inch vinyls included remixes from DJs Justice and Sango.


But that’s not the music you may hear down below. In order to honor his fans who couldn’t purchase the vinyls last week, Frank Ocean has released acoustic versions of the two songs online. Ironically, the acoustic sounds make the songs sound more like Ocean’s original aesthetic. 

As NPR writes: “In addition to being notoriously private personally, Frank Ocean is an aesthetically perfect artist for an indefinite period of self-isolation. As sparse, heart-wrenching R&B ballads about the beauty of love and loss, ‘Dear April’ and ‘Cayendo’ are both automatic entries into the canon of his songs for lying in bed alone, solemnly staring out a window, or just generally getting absorbed in your thoughts.”

You can listen to the two tracks by clicking on the videos below.


Again, Frank Ocean has been playing with his sound of late. While the singer has continued to have his melancholic feel, his artistic interests have redirected elsewhere. Namely, the artist has shown interest in the sounds of the queer club scene in the 1970s and ‘80s. Ocean even hosted queer club parties, along with gay magazine Gay Letter, where he debuted some of his new music.


Unfortunately, those queer parties gained criticism for their exclusivity to queer people of color and lack of recognition for the AIDS epidemic.


But despite that, Frank Ocean, who came out as bisexual in 2012, will continue to embrace his new sound. Question is, will LGBTQ and QPOC people embrace him?

Source: NPR, Towleroad, Complex

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