Will We See Josh O’Connor’s Crown Jewels Once Again This November?

Screen shot from YouTube video LOEWE Publication Mens FW18 | Josh O’Connor & Duane Michals

When The Crown returns on November 17th, we’ll be in for a great update to the series for its third season.  For one, Josh O’Connor will be playing an adult Prince Charles. The full trailer also shows Olivia Colman’s first turn as Queen Elizabeth as she brings the monarchy’s story into the 1960s and ’70s, showing the royal family and country as they face financial crises, security threats, and civil unrest. 


Someone needs a Gold Medal, Emmy, Oscar, BAFTA, Tony, whatever for the casting. Josh O’Connor seems spot on for the role.  But where have we seen (all of) Josh before?

I personally first ran into O’Connor and his acting in God’s Own Country.  No, not No Country for Old Men, but both movie titles are misleading about their content.  Since one seemed to promise some nudity, I flipped on my streaming system and took in God’s Own Country.  The movie was nominated for a BAFTA and an Evening Standard British Film Award, something which the 27-year old O’Connor celebrated. “I’m still pinching myself that we’re up for the Standard awards and BAFTAs,” he said. “I’m so chuffed.” 

If you want to see a round up of some of the skin scenes O’Connor has done up to date, CocktailsandCocktalk has done an excellent job with their partner in crime, Mr Man, in putting all the yummy bits together.  And, yes, we know that is why most of you are here, so go ahead and click on that hyperlink or the pic below and enjoy the video.

Screen capture from Mr Man’s Body of Work Series


O’Connor has previously said on the nude scenes, “I never found the nudity scary, though. All of those scenes are 100 per cent necessary,” necessary indeed.  Let’s write some more necessary scenes into everything he does.

I’m hard on gay themed Indie movies as I feel most can do better, be less clichéd, less “Ryan Murphy” predictable, and so on. But here’s the trailer if you want to have a quick peek at one of the few Indie LGBT focused movies I would watch again.

God’s Own Country was the highest-grossing movie in Great Britain’s indie cinema in 2017.

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O’Connor remained in our visuals as he was on the series The Durrells in Corfu, which has since ended. There, we once again get to see that adorable smile, acting skills, and those yummy ears (sorry, a personal fetish, turn-on), maybe it’s the same place where the casting director for The Crown saw a possible carry over to Prince Charles. 

We love a boy that loves his momma. O’Connor actually has a justgiving account named Waterlogged that is inspired by his mother. 

Fundraising for Mind – The Mental Health Charity

Inspired by my mum, who swam 60 wild swims in her 60th year, and the brilliant “Waterlog” by Roger Deakin, I will be attempting 30 swims around the UK and Ireland in my 30th year. I will be raising money for Mind Charity in honour of all the incredible friends, family members and colleagues who’ve suffered from Mental Health problems. You’re my heroes. 

We hope all the best for Josh, but we are not sure there will be a chance to see his crown jewels in The Crown, unless they’ve written in some sex scenes for Prince Charles. Maybe we’ll wait for his next project, but we do like surprises. Was cast in his latest role for more than his big ears?





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